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NSW Police officer rescues pet rooster of child with cancer after Fairfield Council orders removal

A cop has re-homed the pet rooster of a boy battling cancer at his own farm, after local council bureaucrats ordered its removal.

Constable Frankie was attending a home in Sydney's west after receiving noise complaints about the pet rooster belonging to a little boy named Yeprad.

The six-year-old was gifted Jackson the rooster along with a chicken by his aunt when he was in hospital with stage four leukaemia.

Constable Frankie offered to re-home Yeprad's pet rooster (pictured) after Fairfield Council gave the family ten days to get rid of it 

His father told officers that Fairfield Council gave the family 10 days to get rid of Yeprad's beloved pet due to the repeated noise complaints.

But Constable Frankie came up with a better solution by offering his own farm in Sydney's south-west to house the rooster instead.

'I've got a big beautiful farm in Catherine Fields, there's plenty of room for him to live here and run around,' he said in a video uploaded by NSW Police. 

Jackson the rooster (pictured) was safely relocated to Constable Frankie's farm in Catherine Fields 

Constable Frankie even offered for Yeprad to drop by and visit Jackson whenever he wanted. 

The young recruit said the little boy's story hit close to home, as he also had a friend with leukaemia.

'All I do is to strive to help people and from a young age I've always wanted to do that,' he said.

'I had a friend who had leukaemia and when I heard about it, it really hit home.'  

Yeprad's father (pictured) told officers his son was gifted rooster and a chicken while he was in hospital battling stage four leukaemia