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Notorious Bondi hoarder is fined $2,000 for obstructing police when they tried to clean up her home

One of two hoarders has been fined $2000 after she and her sister were found to have wilfully obstructed police during a court-approved council-led clean up of their Bondi property.

Liana and Elena Bobolas were arrested outside their home in July 2015 after allegedly breaching a court order not to go within 10 metres of council workers cleaning up their property and of machinery such as trucks.

The sisters, who represented themselves, challenged the charges on numerous grounds including by claiming police were trespassing and used unreasonable force and violence.

Liana and Elena Bobolas' $2million home (pictured in 2017) in Bondi with piles of items on their front yard 

The sisters were given a court order not to go within 10 metres of council workers who were cleaning up their front yard (pictured) 

The court found three obstruction offences against Liana Bobolas (pictured), who was not present in court on Tuesday because she was unwell, according to her sister

But in Sydney's Downing Centre Local Court on Tuesday, magistrate Jacqueline Trad found proven three obstruction offences against Liana Bobolas and one against Elena Bobolas.

Video footage taken by a council contractor 'speaks for itself' and was clearly relevant as it captured the alleged obstruction as well as events which the sisters said justified their actions, she said.

Rather than showing police brutality, officers were seen to be 'gentle, calm and patient' while the sisters were combative and argumentative.

The women were not arrested until after they were given several warnings, she said.

Elena Bobolas, who was accompanied by her mother, told the magistrate her sister was not present in court as she was unwell.

A cat (pictured) is seen sitting among the piles of items outside the home of Liana and Elena Bobolas 

The pile of items outside the Bondi home (pictured) is taller than the concrete fence 

Ms Trad said she had seen the sister as she came into the complex on Tuesday but accepted she may have become unwell.

She asked Elena Bobolas if she had any sentence submissions but was told: 'I didn't do anything. I am not guilty.'

'There is no recognition of wrongdoing by Ms Bobolas and clearly no contrition or remorse,' the magistrate said.

But the court needed to exercise some compassion in the case as there was obviously an 'element of this which is very concerning'.

'There must be other factors at play,' the magistrate said

'There are other issues in relation to the family and choices they have made.'

She convicted Elena Bobolas of the one offence and fined her $2000.

The magistrate adjourned her sister's sentencing until Wednesday saying she would proceed in her absence if Liana Bobolas didn't turn up.

Cardboard and plastic bags are among the items dumped on the Bobolas property (pictured) 

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