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Noosa mother sets up Train My Mate online course to teach men basic housework

An Australian mother fed up with having to carry out all the housework has launched an online business committed to teaching men how to perform basic chores.

Velvet Garvey, from Noosa in Queensland's Sunshine Coast, created the program 'Train My Mate' in a bid to help husbands and boyfriends who know little about laundry, cooking and cleaning.

The idea first came to her mind after coming across research that found 75 per cent of women were 'turned off' by their partners due to their lack of help around the house.

The mother is now hoping her online courses will not only teach men a few more skills, but will also be the 'solution' to problems in marriages.    

Velvet Garvey, from Noosa in Queensland's Sunshine Coast recently created her program, Train My Mate, designed to help out husbands and boyfriends who know little about housework

'If anybody's having friction, if they're having regular fights about housework, it is so much easier to take a 15-minute course and just get on and do that housework, than to argue about it,' Ms Garvey told Seven News.

She said that after giving birth to her first child she was shocked to learn that there was an expectation for her to carry out the majority of the housework.

After living a career-focused life, Ms Garvey said she had no idea how to perform 'very simple things' and had to teach herself.

'What I found that it's the women in a man's life who are expected to teach him how to do housework - his mother, his wife,' she said.

This led to the start of Train My Mate which has recently launched its first course in laundry available at $19.95.

Each training course is around 15 minutes and includes video tutorials on how to perform various chores. 

The online training course includes 15-minute videos on the correct ways to do the laundry, cleaning and other chores (stock image)

Ms Garvey said arguments over housework plagued a lot of relationships.

'But what I found is it runs deeper than the occasional argument. Women are actually falling out of love with their partners,' she said.

Ms Garvey said the courses can also be used for men who aren't in relationships as well as women who need to brush up their skills.

'Thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns, divorce rates are rising around the world, one of the reasons being a sh***y setup when it comes to splitting chores,' she wrote on her blog.

'Relationships are losing their spark, families are breaking apart and while housework won't fix every problem, we reckon it'll solve a few.'   

Ms Garvey said she was shocked to learn housework was often put on the woman, and has since created the business to teach men it's their responsibility too

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