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Nick Kyrgios' girlfriend posts another rant online as bizarre relationship takes yet another turn 

Nick Kyrgios' on-off relationship appears to be on the rocks again after he was slammed by his rumoured ex-girlfriend in a late night rant posted online.

Chiara Passari accused the Australian tennis bad boy of clubbing until 6am in an Instagram Story video posted to her followers before quickly deleting the bombshell claims.

The volatile relationship appeared over earlier this week when Daily Mail Australia exclusively revealed a nasty exchange of text messages between the pair.

Fans speculated the couple were still together with Kyrgios still following Ms Passari on Instagram as of Thursday night.

The world number 47 has since unfollowed her in the wake of the latest saga, where Ms Passari blasted him in a now-deleted video posted early Friday morning to her 37,300 followers.

Chiara Passari (right) has sparked speculation about her on-off relationship with Nick Kyrgios by posting a late night rant online

She revealed in the 44 second video she was confused over the situation between the pair. 

'Today I learnt that apparently publishing personal text messages between someone who has sent you something really abrasive and rude is more damaging to one's well being and career than driving away and proceeding to message their best friend to ask them if they're kicking on and then proceeding to club until 6am,' she says in the video obtained by the Daily Telegraph.

'That's new to me I'm a bit confused about that.'

Ms Passari still followed Kyrgios on Instagram as of Friday afternoon. There is no suggestion the alleged clubbing happened during the Australian Open tournament.

Kyrgios, 25, started dating the Canberra local, 26, in July 2020 after returning to his hometown in the nation's capital due to the coronavirus pandemic

He has faced repeated rumours about splitting from Ms Passari, but during this month's Australian Open aimed to put them to bed with post-game shout outs to her.

But the couple's troubled love match finally appeared done after Ms Passari shared a series of revealing Instagram stories recently - among them an image of their tit-for-tat message exchanges.

The screenshot - which Ms Passari later deleted - shows her and Kyrgios exchanging a volley of emotionally-charged messages.

While the context of messages sent before the screenshot was taken is unclear, the tone of those that follow - particularly from the tennis bad boy - portray a relationship clearly on the rocks. 

Chiara Passari (pictured early Friday morning) accused her on-off boyfriend of

Tennis star Nick Kyrgios was still following his rumoured ex-girlfriend on Instagram  on Thursday night (pictured)

Nick Kyrgios has unfollowed his girlfriend on Instagram (pictured) since Thursday night

In the first message that can be seen, Kyrgios writes: 'Bye'

K: 'Hahaha you got a dude there hahahaha'

K: 'Too good.'

K: 'You disgust me... haha'

K: 'Hahahahhaaha'

K: 'So good'

K: 'Enjoy your life hshshs' 

Ms Passari: 'You just told me everything without even knowing hahahaha.'

Kyrgios: 'What?'

K: 'Haha'

Ms Passari: 'I'm sorry you hate yourself'

Kyrgios: 'Goodluck'

K: 'Be in Canberra the rest of your life... hahahahaha' 

Chiara Passari (pictured) told followers early Friday in a now-deleted video she was confused about the situation between her and her on-off boyfriend Nick Kyrgios

Ms Passari shared this photo of an apparent text message exchange with Kyrgios over the weekend, before later deleting it 

Ms Passari responded to Daily Mail Australia's request for comment with a series of claims about Kyrgios that cannot be published.

Kyrgios has not responded to multiple attempts to contact him through his management in the last week and hasn't commented publicly on the split.

Ms Passari's Instagram story showing their text message exchange came just a day after she shared another cryptic post about her and Kyrgios embattled relationship.

That post included a photo of Ms Passari, sitting in Kyrgios' player's box during a match and laughing.

'Laughing at myself for believing...' she wrote on the image.

The couple wiped photos of each other from their social media pages last week, with Kyrgios replacing his Twitter profile photo - once a shot of them together - with one of him in action on court. 

Amid rumours of a split at the start of the Australian Open, Kyrgios shared this screenshot to Instagram showing the couple FaceTiming after his first round victory at the Grand Slam 

The apparent capitulation of the pair's relationship followed a series of gushing posts throughout the Australian Open.

Just last Thursday, Ms Passari posted a photo showing her and Kyrgios loved-up, which remains online.

'I have learnt a lot and am also learning a lot about myself since meeting you,' she wrote.

'There will always be struggles but as long as that magic and those unforgettable experiences are there it's all worth it.

Ms Passari joined Kyrgios in Melbourne ahead of his third round defeat to world number three Dominic Thiem, but appeared less than impressed as she sat courtside during his practice

The apparent capitulation of their relationship followed a series of gushing posts from Kyrgios to Ms Passari throughout the Australian Open, including on the lense of TV cameras in the post-match

'Happy belated Valentine's. I love you.' 

The catalyst for doubts about the couple's relationship came when Ms Passari put up a cryptic post on her Instagram in the lead up to the Australian Open.

'Cheaters always want you to be loyal while they're being unfaithful,' she wrote.

While that post from early February sparked rumours of a split, Kyrgios was quick to pour cold water on any such speculation. 

After wins in the first and second round of the Grand Slam, the flamboyant Kyrgios wrote messages of love to Ms Passari on the lense of a courtside television camera.

'Miss u Chizzel,' the tennis star wrote.

Rumours about Kyrgios and Ms Passari's relationship being over were rife in the lead up to the Australian Open, but the pair moved to quell them with loved up photos on Instagram - such as this which she posted on Valentine's Day 

In the caption, Ms Passari claimed she had 'learnt a lot' since meeting Kyrgios and told him: 'I love you'

The world number 47 also uploaded a photo of the couple's late night video call after his first round straight sets win against Portugal's Frederico Ferreira.

Ms Passari then joined Kyrgios in Melbourne ahead of his third round defeat to world number three Dominic Thiem.

She was seen clapping and cheering her beau in the players box as Kyrgios bowed out of the tournament in a five set thriller.

He later thanked her alongside his family for supporting him through the tournament.

Two days later he shared an adoring post about Ms Passari for Valentines Day. 

'Happy Valentine's Chizza,' Kyrgios captioned the photo. 

'It's been a rollercoaster eight months. I want you to know that I'm incredibly thankful and blessed to have you by my side putting up with me and supporting me.

Kyrgios posted this photo of his girlfriend on Valentines Day, less than a week before the series of Instagram posts by Ms Passari

Cryptic: On February 2, Kyrgios and Ms Passari sparked speculation they had split after she uploaded this Instagram post. The couple cleared the air in the days that followed with their loved and it is not suggested Ms Passari was referring to Kyrgios in the post 

Nick Kyrgios' girlfriend Chiara Passari posted a series of since deleted Instagram stories over the weekend (including the one pictured) referencing her apparent break-up with the tennis star

'I hope that I can make you feel special and give you everything you deserve. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.'

'I promise that I will always try and be a better person everyday and care and love for you.

'To many more Valentine's days - and hopefully next time I can win a match if you come watch me play.'

But that morning cameras captured an awkward moment as Kyrgios cozied up to Ms Passari during a practice session.

Ms Passari appeared to pull her head away as Kyrgios went to kiss her multiple times and at one stage put her hand to her face as the tennis bad boy closed in.

Still, that afternoon she was in the stands for Kyrgios doubles match alongside fellow Australian and good mate Thanasi Kokkinakis. 

The pair started dating in July last year, just three months after Kyrgios split from Russian tennis player Anna Kalinskaya.

Nick Kyrgios and Chiara Passari (pictured) have been dating on-off since July 2020

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