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Newcastle skater turned her bedroom floor into a training ramp for the Tokyo Olympic Games

When skateboarding was announced as an Olympic sport in 2016, Poppy Olsen set her sights on gold.

But the road to Tokyo hasn't been a smooth ride for the young athlete.

After her coach and teammates were diagnosed with Covid-19 in May this year at an Olympic qualifying event, Poppy was forced to train in her own bedroom.

She built a skate ramp spanning the floor of her bedroom when skate parks were closed to the public due to the pandemic.  

Professional skateboarder, Poppy Olsen (pictured), built a skate ramp in her own bedroom when skate parks were closed due to the pandemic

The 21-year-old (pictured) qualified for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games following uncertainty around her dream when her teammates and coach were diagnosed with Covid earlier this year

'The skate ramp in my bedroom was built when COVID was at its peak and we weren't really allowed to go outside for a little bit', she told The ABC.

'All of the skate parks were closed and so I just really wanted to skate.'

When it's time to sleep, she pulls down the retractable bed over the top of the ramp. 

The Newcastle local, 21, is ranked number four in the world and titled Australia's best female skateboarder, was given the all clear and had enough points to quality for the Olympics.     

Poppy has wanted to be a skateboarder ever since she recieved her first board at the age of eight 

'Skating bowls and big stuff is probably my favourite because that is where I am the most comfortable and I can just flow around and I love doing airs and so that is really fun. Just going fast and stuff like that' 

Now, she is preparing for the tournament of her life.

'I was 16 when I heard about the Olympics. So it was like really crazy to think that I have been doing skateboarding for so long and I was really heavily into the competition scene and now it is in the Olympics. So once I get there, I will be like, oh, my gosh, I really am an athlete, kind of thing'

Poppy (pictured) has wanted to be a professional skateboarder ever since she received her first skateboard aged eight

Her mother, Thomas Olsen said that they were unsure of Poppy's obsession with skating at first and were concerned about her skating with the older, more experienced riders in Bondi when she first started.

'And then she won her first competition, and we were like, oh, actually, she might be okay at this.'

While her mother can't be there with her because of the pandemic, Poppy is ready for the competition.  

'The goal for me is just to go into the Olympics and try my very best and be as proud as I can be of what I have achieved and how far I have come and then if that means getting a medal, that will be incredible' she said. 

Poppy is set to compete in the Women's Park Preliminary Heats on Wednesday August 4.  

Poppy (pictured) says she wants to try her best and enjoy the experience of her first Olympics

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