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New Zealand man reveals moment he starred in David Bowie's 'Let's Dance' music video in outback pub

Nearly 40 years ago an unsuspecting New Zealander stumbled into an Australian outback pub only to find himself starring in one of David Bowie's most famous music videos.

Peter Griffin, then 34, had been working at a sheep and cattle station in the rural town of Carinda in northern New South Wales on a hot day in 1983, when he decided to pop by the local pub for a beer.

He noticed the front door was shut and saw a mysterious fog coming out of the pub so he went around to the back.

'There was David Bowie, lying against the wall, playing his music with half the town in the pub dancing,' Mr Griffin, now 72, told Stuff.

Peter Griffin, then aged 32, is seen the red shirt in front of David Bowie for his music video for 'Let's Dance' in 1983

The English rockstar had been in the midst of filming the video for his hit 'Let's Dance' in the small town, which back then had a population of just 40 people.

'I just walked in, got a beer. I was lying in the corner when the manager, who was directing the video, asked me if I wouldn't mind just walking across the bar to the pool table,' Mr Griffin said.

He said it was 'pure luck' that he featured in the video and was standing just a metre away from Bowie himself.

He's easily spotted in his red shirt and mustache walking in front of the band and leaning against the wall with a schooner in his hand. 

Mr Griffin who is now aged 72 said it was 'pure luck' that he featured in the famous video clip when he stopped by the pub for a beer

Mr Griffin can be seen leaning against the wall behind Bowie during the video

He later returned to the pub and told a couple of women about who'd been there just weeks earlier with Mr Griffin saying they then started 'kissing the wall and carrying on like idiots'.

The Carinda Hotel now celebrates their famous encounter with Bowie every year holding a festival in his honour.

Mr Griffin said he didn't get to see his debut with Bowie for another two years after filming because he didn't own a TV at the time.

He spent the next couple of decades living and working in Australia before returning to New Zealand a decade ago.

He now works as a truck driver in Marlborough on the south island but regularly makes trips across the ditch - including stopping by the famous Carinda pub. 

The Carinda Hotel now celebrates their famous encounter with Bowie every year holding a festival in his honour

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