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New owner wanted for eyesore two-bed home on market for £40,000 in Cornwall next to MP's office

An eyesore two-bed house next door to environment secretary George Eustice's constituency office is being auctioned for a meagre £40,000 at the end of the month.

The down-at-heel pad has been the subject of much scrutiny due to its unsavoury appearance. 

Viewed from the street, it boasts a boarded up window, British flag, grime-covered facade and lime green paint.

The house, which is expected to fetch just £40,000 at auction, is littered with rubbish bags, empty beer bottles and displays the Union Jack and Gadsden flag, a banner often used as a far-right symbol named after US politician Christopher Gadsden

The run-down house contrasts unfavourably with the next door office, which has 'George Eustice MP' emblazoned in neat green letters above the door.

The front of the property boasts the Union Jack and Gadsden flag, a banner often used as a far-right symbol named after the US politician Christopher Gadsden, who designed it in 1775 during the American Revolution.

The interior of the pad in Camborne, Cornwall, is even more shabby and forlorn.

The lime green freehold property has caused quite a stir on social media with one person comparing the interior to a 'crime scene'. The £40,000 house is next door to the constituency office of Environment Minister George Eustice

Both bedrooms are covered in rubbish, from large bin bags to a collapsing curtain rail pole. The property description on Rightmove and auctioneers Allsop does not refer to the aesthetic of property, choosing instead to focus on 'local amenities'

The second bedroom, partially pained in salmon-orange has cracked ceilings and various bits of debris on the pale-blue carpeted floor

Shocking photos reveal bags of rubbish and clothes strewn across the floor, empty liquor bottles, overflowing bins, unmade beds and lopsided curtains.

Beneath all the clutter, the property has two bedrooms and two bathrooms - with the top of the cistern removed in one.

Despite its obvious fallbacks, the property is still obscenely cheap - terraced houses in Camborne sell for an average price of £160,000 according to Rightmove, and it's not the only bargain pad up for sale in the area.

The eyesore property, on Commercial Street in Camborne, is next door to the Constituency office of George Eustice, Minister for Environment and Rural Affairs.

The kitchen with a stained ceiling, overflowing rubbish bin and unwanted items of clothing is comparatively tidy compared to much of the house 

The hoover, plugged-in beside a stained wall with cracked paintwork, has its work cut out before new tenants are ready to move in.  

Last week MailOnline reported on a junk-filled two-bedroom 'cottage', in Camborne on the market for just £100,000 on Rightmove.

Images of the rubbish-strewn property revealed caved-in ceilings and an overgrown garden, but it hasn't generated the same level of interest online as the £40,000 bargain.

'This house for sale on Rightmove actually looks like a crime scene,' joked Sue on social media.

Luke joked: 'Someone's hopes and dreams definingly died there.'

Referencing the heaps of rubbish, Sara Dubare added: 'Good grief, bet that smells nice!' 

Linda added: 'Why would anyone do that?'

Ed Blackburn said: 'I love the broken pole'

Leanne suggested it looked like a crime scene from BBC crime drama Silent Witness.

She quipped: 'Bloody hell.

'The only people you expect to see going in there are Emilia Fox and David Caves.'

The modern bathroom is in stark contrast to much of property with cream tiles and a pristine white bath tub and shower

The staircase, precariously without a rail, leads the way to a refurbished bathroom. The ground floor of the property is laden with rubbish, from liquor bottles to large rubbish bags

The tiled kitchen with pot noodles and cereal boxes on display will needs a clear out before new occupants arrive at the property in Camborne, Cornwall

The listing on Rightmove chooses to ignore the aesthetic of the interior in its description, instead highlighting the range of local amenities in the area.

The house will be auctioned by Allsop on September 30. 

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