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Nevada teen describes moment she fought off a 12ft crocodile during a night swim in Mexico 

An 18-year-old Nevada native was enjoying a night swim over the weekend near the Marriot resort in Puerto Vallerta, Mexico, when a 12ft. crocodile suddenly attacked her and dragged her underwater twice. 

Kiana Hummel, who lives in California, said she and a friend decided to go for a late-night swim when the croc jumped out of the water and grabbed her right leg.  

As Hummel fought against the croc, hitting it as hard she could, she was almost able to break free from its bite.

But the croc then clamped down on her left again and pulled her back underwater.

'I didn't think I was getting out that second time,' Hummel told ABC 30. 

Kiana Hummel, 18, was transported to Marin General after surviving a crocodile attack. The animal clamped down on her right leg to drag her underwater, and just as she was about to escape its grip, it bit down on her left leg

The Nevada teen will undergo surgery for the extensive muscle and tissue damage she suffered during the crocodile attack

Hummel was enjoying a vacation at the Marriot resort in Puerto Vallerta, Mexico

Friends have started a GoFundMe page to help Hummel pay for her surgery and recovery

She continued to fight against the croc when a group of people came to her rescue and freed from the animal's grip. 

'Honestly, I will never forget it when the crocodile's head came above water,' said Sarah Laney, who witness the attack. 'It was most definitely one of the craziest, scariest things I've ever experienced.'

An ambulance arrived 45 minutes later to transport Hummel to Marin General. 

Doctors say she will undergo surgery this week to treat her extensive muscle and tissue damage. 

Hummel alleged that she was not given enough warning about the crocodiles in the area, citing that the only warning was a small sign written in Spanish. 

Marriott spokesperson Kerstin Sachl confirmed the crocodile attack and said, 'The safety and security of our guests and associates are our top priority, and we can confirm that appropriate signage, as well as night patrolling and red flags were and are properly in place.'

She added that the resort will review its safety procedures and encouraged guests to remain vigilant of warning signs at the beach. 

Laney's friend wrote a review on Trip Advisor slamming the hotel for its lack of warnings. 

''I understand you don't want to 'scare' guests, but the following day there should've been big YELLOW signs to warn of the attack...my group is TRAUMATIZED by this experience,' she wrote. 

Hummel's friend, Eliam Estrada, started a GoFundMe to help Hummel pay for her hospital bills and recovery. 

'This amazing and powerful woman managed to fight for her life and fight off this wild animal as it was attached to her lower legs, and also being dragged into the ocean!!,' Estrada wrote.  

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