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Netflix LGBTQ strategy executive quits after 'eyebrow raising' interview

The strategy lead for L.G.B.T.Q. content at Netflix has parted ways with the company just a week after he was the subject of an 'eyebrow raising' profile in The New York Times. 

Fran Tirado, 29, took to Twitter on May 21 to announce he had left the streaming service after 10 months and was on the lookout for a new job. 

On May 13, The Times published an profile on Tirado titled 'The Pandemic Work Diary of Netflix's Queer Champion'. In the piece, the strategist claimed he took edibles and skipped a Q&A with the chief executive, after he boasted that his job included 'talking about gay porn'. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 'sources indicated that the interview raised eyebrows [among other staff at Netflix] for overstating his position, among other potential red flags'. 

Fran Tirado, 29, took to Twitter on May 21 to announce he had left the streaming service after 10 months and was on the lookout for a new job

In addition to describing him as the company's 'queer champion', The Times interview stated that Tirado was charged with 'developing concepts for [Netflix] shows, working with a group of content creators for the company's @Most social channel, and keeping tabs on the promotional campaigns for programs and movies'. 

The Times also featured excerpts from a diary written by Tirado detailing the course of his work week. 

On Monday morning, Tirado wrote that he spent time: 'Slack [messaging] my agency to make sure a trailer debut is going up on time for 'Circus of Books,' a Ryan Murphy documentary about a historic gay pornography shop that is on the same block as my apartment.'

'I literally get to talk about gay porn as my job, like, what is life?' he wrote.  

In an entry from Monday night, the strategist stated: 'I am too high to do my nighttime skin care route. Time for bed!'

The following day, Tirado wrote about chowing down on a galette because 'the edible has hit'. 

Meanwhile, in an entry on Thursday, he wrote: 'Our chief executive is doing an early-morning Q. and A., but I skip it to write.'

Tirado told The Times that, in addition to his strategy role, he was also writing a 'gay wedding rom-com' feature film script.  

Elsewhere in his work week diary, Tirado relayed a number of important-sounding  activities, including ''a weekly task force[meeting] to discuss the upcoming season of Queer Eye, and a meeting to discuss the 'digital premiere possibilities' for the debut of the highly-anticipated series, Hollywood.  

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