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Nadine Dorries was 'appalled' to hear reports of women in agony during coil procedure

Women should always be offered pain relief when the contraceptive coil is fitted, a minister suggested yesterday.

Nadine Dorries said 'no woman should suffer' from such procedures – and that she was 'appalled' to hear reports of women in agony. 

The patient safety minister told the health and social care committee she wanted to reverse the 'assumption that pain should be part of a woman's existence' and said past health scandals show that women's voices are ignored. 

The level of pain relief offered for coil fittings varies at NHS clinics. Many advise taking painkillers before fittings.

Guidelines from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists say that local anaesthetic is not routinely required for coil fittings but it should be offered during 'difficult' insertions or extractions.

The IUD, a small, T-shaped copper device that is inserted in the uterus, creates a hostile environment for sperm, preventing pregnancy

Yesterday Conservative MP Laura Trott told the Health and Social Care Committee that a number of women are now coming forward to share their own experiences.

She said: 'Since then we've heard of horrific experiences of women shared across social media, I've certainly had a number of people come forward in my own constituency.'

Miss Dorries replied: 'No woman should suffer as a result of having an IUD or other scopes procedures.

'I believe there are scope procedures where no pain relief is offered.

'I don't have the words that I can use to describe just how appalling that is.

'I'm given the lines constantly that "most women don't feel pain" and "many women go through this" and "women are given a leaflet, where they told on that leaflet if they want pain (relief)", but I hear that they are told: "Oh no, you'll just be fine."

Nadine Dorries said 'no woman should suffer' from such procedures – and that she was 'appalled' to hear reports of women in agony

'I hope we can use the Women's Health Strategy to absolutely reverse this assumption that because you're a woman and because you might have been through labour or because you're going to go through labour, then therefore pain is a part of your existence.

'I hope we can use the Women's Health Strategy to totally reverse that wrong thinking that takes place today.' 

On the strategy, Miss Dorries added that when looking at previous health scandals, is a 'constant theme that 'women's voices are not listened to'.

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