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Mystery deepens over creepy footage of 'child' wandering a busy freeway in the dead of the night

A driver who claims he almost ran over a child wandering across a busy highway in the dead of the night has insisted police called him later that night to let him know they had found the toddler. 

Mitch Kuhne was driving north on the Hume Highway near Bardia, south of Sydney, just before 8pm on Sunday when he claims to have spotted the child.

Eerie dashcam footage captured the moment a small child-like figure appeared from the darkness on the left side of the four-lane motorway.  

Mr Kuhne, who was travelling back to the Gold Coast with his parents after racing bikes in Goulburn, said the child looked no older than six and appeared to be wearing a blue parka.  

Dashcam footage recorded an alleged child walking on the Hume Highway south of Sydney 

Mr Kuhne said he was travelling with his parents while towing a toy hauler (pictured) when he saw what looked like a young child 

'It just happened so quickly and obviously (was the) last thing to expect,' Mr Kuhne told Daily Mail Australia.

He said he was about three to four kilometres away from the Liverpool exit sign in Bardia when he spotted the child.

The sportswear co-CEO was unable to pull over in his ute while towing a toy hauler, so his mother - who was in the passenger seat - called Triple 0 at 7.41pm on Sunday night, which NSW police have confirmed. 

'Mum made the 000 call while I got our exact location... for the police,' he said. 

The call log shows the conversation lasted five minutes. 

Mr Kuhne made a 44-second call to Macquarie Fields Police Station at 8.29pm on Sunday - 45 minutes after the initial emergency call - and said he offered his dashcam footage. 

Driver was 3-4 kilometres away from the Liverpool exit sign in Bardia when they saw the figure

He claimed a male officer told him the child had been found, and they would not need the footage, which police have denied. 

'The only reason I posted the video (of the dashcam footage on social media) is because I thought the kid was safe and felt okay posting it,' said Mr Kuhne. 

Police told Daily Mail Australia they searched the area, however no child was found and the search was called off at 3.45am Monday morning.

They did not confirm whether a child was reported missing or if they were still searching for a missing person in the area. 

Driver said he was about 3-4km from the Liverpool exit sign in Bardia when he saw a child

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