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Mums slam Kmart for 'gender stereotypes' for boys and girls in kids clothing range

Frustrated customers have accused Kmart of 'gender stereotyping' in a new complaint about the store's collection of children's clothing. 

The annoyed shopper took to Facebook to compare the different messages printed on girls and boys shirts while visiting the department store. 

The woman said while the boys tops had slogans of 'adventure and alpine trails', the girls shirts were printed with 'take it easy', 'a whole lotta love' and 'bright as can be'.

Australian shopper says Kmart is 'gender stereotyping' in kids clothing section as girls shirt have slogans of 'love' (pictured) compared to boys which have 'adventure' 

'Could you possibly be more gender stereotyping with your kids clothes?' the shopper said on Facebook. 

She said the collection was a 'thumbs down' and instead suggested the children's clothing range be gender neutral so shoppers have a wider selection of items.     

'Why don't you just offer unisex and then everyone can just choose what they like?' she asked. 

The woman said while the boys tops had slogans of 'adventure and alpine trails', (pictured)  the girls shirts were printed with 'take it easy', 'a whole lotta love' and 'bright as can be'.

The complaints follows after another concerned mother who claimed Kmart was telling young girls 'how to feel' with the slogans printed on the same t-shirts.  

The mother said 'this isn't okay' when she noticed the boys shirts had 'adventure' printed while the girls had 'take it easy'.    

'Why are we telling girls how to feel via their clothing? They see each other's shirts telling them how to act - be happy, love, be perfect,' the woman wrote.

'These (boys) shirts encourage boldness, adventure, fun. There's no shirts telling them how they should feel or behave.' 

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Kmart for comment. 

Some who watched the video said a possible solution would just be to have a 'kids' section of shirts instead of gender specific items. 

'I think she's right. It's subliminal messages they will carry around with them,' one commented. 

'Girls can be adventurous and boys can be loving too,' one agreed. 

The complaints follows after another concerned mother claimed Kmart was telling young girls 'how to feel' with the slogans such as 'more love' (pictured) 

Others pointed out promoting messages of love were positive for girls growing up. 

'It's not that deep, people are mad at everything nowadays,' another wrote.

'Don't turn this into something it's not,' a third commented.

The ongoing complaints about the t-shirts come as an online petition calls for Kmart to stop classifying children's clothing by gender and offer one kids clothing section. 

'Young children are told which colours, clothing styles and even interests they are permitted to have through the choices they have available in their respective gender's clothing department,' the petition read.

The mother said that the boys shirts promoted fun and adventure with slogans like 'Alpine Trail' 

An Australian mother has divided the internet after claiming Kmart is telling young girls 'how to feel' by the slogans printed on their t-shirts with some reading 'take it easy' and 'a whole lotta love'

'Many parents of young boys will tell you their son loves pink, rainbows and flowers but simply cannot wear clothes in these styles like girls do without taking them from the girls' section, which sends them a strong message that the things they like are 'wrong'.'

The petition called for the major retailer to remove the 'arbitrary boundaries' of the 'gender separated clothing sections'. 

'This is a problem that has already been addressed by many smaller and independent retailers, who have done away with 'girls' and 'boys' sections entirely in favour of an inclusive children's one.'

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