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Mum transforms her dark, dusty cupboard under her stairs into an epic Harry Potter room 

An Australian mum has transformed the dusty cupboard under her stairs into an amazing Harry Potter-themed movie room complete with the sorting hat, wizard wands and potion books.

The woman redecorated the space under the stairs as a 'lock-down' project, completely transforming the wasted space into an 'escape' room for her children.

The cupboard under the stairs has been ruthlessly decorated with Harry Potter merchandise and themes which span the whole series - including elements from the Chamber of Secrets, marauders map and classes at the fictional school.

The Cupboard was a grim, empty space before the mum's 'lock down project'

The room now serves as an escape room, reading room and movie room for the family

An Australian mum has transformed the dusty cupboard under her stairs into an amazing Harry Potter-themed movie room

Hedwig the owl is seen perched above the room, in front of the giant, glowing moon

The words 'I solemnly swear I am up to no good,' appear scrawled on the bottom side of the stairs in the franchise's signature lettering.

Harry's owl, Hedwig is seen perched in front of a glow-in-the-dark moon and the villain turn hero from the third book, Sirius Black, even features in a wanted poster.  

And Harry Potter fans appeared to be on board with the tiny room.

'This is fabulous,' said one woman.

'I am fan-girling, I need this,' said another. 

The mum said the once abandoned cupboard is 'getting good use now' as a 'reading and Netflix space, and also a chill-out zone.

The room even has its very own sorting hat, allowing its visitors to work out which house they belong in

The cupboard space also acts as the perfect place to store and display the family's epic collection of Harry Potter merchandise

These words from the marauders map also make an appearance in the room

'This is awesome, I would never see my child if this was at our place,' one woman said.

'An amazing space for a little Harry Potter fan,' one woman said.

The mum was proud of her efforts transforming the room which is why she posted the before and after pics on a popular Facebook Page.

She revealed most of the hardware to create the space were from Bunnings Warehouse, including the shelves, paint, lights, foam squares and of course timber, hooks, screws and nails.

As do a variety of Hogwarts-themed cushions, including one for each of the four houses

'This is amazing and makes me wish we had stairs in our house,' one woman said.

'I am not letting my ten-year-old see this. She will want to move in with you,' another laughed.       

The cupboard looks ordinary from the outside, a tag with Platform 9 3/4 written on one side is the only hint of a magic world hidden behind the door.

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