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Mum slams Aldi after purchasing a popular body wash that large red welts on five-year-old son's back

A mother has slammed supermarket giant Aldi online after a popular shampoo product left large red welts on the back of her five-year-old son. 

Racheal purchased the 480mL 'Mamia 2 in 1 wash and shampoo' from the supermarket on October 16 as the label indicated the product was safe for young skin, including babies and those with sensitive skin.

However after opening the product on October 20 and rubbing the body wash onto her young son's back, she noticed an instant colour change to his skin.

Racheal purchased the 480mL 'Mamia 2 in 1 wash and shampoo' from Aldi on October 16 as the label indicated the product was safe for young skin

Racheal shared photos of his red and inflamed back to an 'Aldi Mums' Facebook page after the bath time incident.

'I used this product on my five-year-old this morning, squirting directly on his skin so he could lather and wash, and within a few seconds I noticed his skin turning red so I immediately washed it off using just water,' she captioned the photos. 

Racheal told Daily Mail Australia that the welts, which remained on his skin for several hours, looked more like burns rather than an allergic reaction.

'My son has no known allergies, however something did not agree with him in this product,' she added.

However, after opening the product on October 20 and placing the body wash on her young son's back, she suddenly realised his skin turned red almost immediately

'We consume a lot of nuts in our home so I know certainly that this reaction wasn't caused by the almond oil as most assumed in my Facebook post.'

The product had not been tampered with and the packaging was intact.

Thankfully, the young boy didn't require further medical attention after a cool compress was used to ease the initial discomfort.

Racheal said the welts remained for several hours and looked more like burns rather than an allergic reaction

After contacting Aldi following the incident, the popular supermarket quickly apologised to Racheal and offered her a $20 voucher.

'Aldi responded almost immediately stating this was an isolated incident however they would monitor the product closely,' she added.

Racheal said many other mothers contacted her about their children's similar reactions to the product, and she directed them to the Aldi complaints process.

She has also urged other parents to check the labels before purchasing a body wash product for their children.

One user wrote: 'I used this in my babies' bath the other night and my boy ended up with a rash all over from the waist down. I thought he may of just been allergic to the grass from being outside but I'm throwing this out'.

'Something similar happened to my son with an Aldi bath product. It was a tad scary,' wrote another.

While a third said: 'Oh goodness! We have had a similar (not as bad) reaction on my 18-month-old!'

However, some passionate Aldi shoppers believed that the product wouldn't need to be recalled just because her child reacted badly to the product.

'Just because one child has had an allergic reaction to this product it doesn't mean the product is flawed,' one user wrote.

Another wrote: 'I bought it for my 11-year-old, and he loves it! His skin hasn't been better in a long time (but he has no allergies...)'.

Other customers recommended that individuals should complete a 'patch test' before using a product.

One wrote: 'With every new product we must always test patch. Especially these natural stuff sometimes they can be worse.'

'Always do a patch test for a new product,' said another.

In a statement to Daily Mail Australia, an Aldi spokesperson said: 'We have been in contact with the customer to investigate this claim, and have concluded it is an isolated incident.'

'We encourage customers to continue reach out to ALDI directly for any issues.'