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Mum gives schooner filled with beer to baby daughter

A mother has been slammed for sharing a photograph of her offering her baby daughter beer. 

The image shows the young girl with a schooner filled with beer held in front of her and froth around her lips.

'She loves having taste of mummy's beer #drinkup,' the photo caption read with a laughing face emoji. 

A mother has been slammed for offering sharing a photo offering her baby daughter beer (pictured)

Social media users slammed the mother for her recklessness after allowing her baby to drink beer 

Facebook users lashed out at the mother and called her out for her recklessness . 

'She needs her baby taken off her,' one person wrote.

'Alcohol isn't good for adults let alone children. Some people shouldn't be parents and she's one of them. I hope someone has called child protection services'

'Inappropriate! If anyone thinks this is ok, you have an alcohol problem and are incapable of seeing what you are modelling to your children,' another commented. 

'It is harmful to give a child especially in this case a baby, alcohol.'

Others however, laughed at the image saying they too were given small amounts of alcohol growing up and turned out fine.  

'Oh my god! We always took sips of our families alcohol when we were kids. We never died,' someone commented. 

'Pretty sure most of us over the age of 30 have a pic of us as kids with our parents pretending to give us a beer,' another comment read.

'Calm down guys. It's a sip, not the whole schooner.

'I thank my grandad everyday for giving me a sip of his VB as a kid, learned from an early age never to drink VB,' one joked.     

Others however, laughed at the image saying they too were given small amounts of alcohol growing up and turned out fine 

The mother defended her actions revealing that her own mother had given her alcohol as a child.

'Listen everyone giving me hate, she's having some mouthfuls of beer, she's not shooting F***ing heroin ahahah,' she wrote.

'Clearly you've all never experienced being a mum cause if you did you would know that this isn't harmful to a baby. 

'My mum used to let me drink a little when I was young and would put whisky on my gums when I had sore teeth.

'I'd never put my baby in danger so all of you go to hell.'

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