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Mother reveals she's 'jealous' people say daughter, seven weeks, is the 'double' of her dad

A mother has asked whether she's unreasonable for feeling 'jealous and upset' that loved ones have said her daughter looks 'the double' of her dad, rather than her. 

Taking to Mumsnet, the anonymous woman, believed to be from the UK, admitted she's 'really annoyed' by family and friends commenting that her first child, seven weeks, 'looks just like' her partner and 'has done since she was born.'

She penned: 'Firstly I don't want my daughter to look like a 40-year-old man. Secondly am I being unreasonable, but I feel really jealous and upset that she doesn't look like me.'

'You're being exceedingly irrational. Just enjoy her,' wrote one,' while a second defended the new mother and commented: 'It's awful how people do this, maybe you should try the old broken record thing of saying she looks like herself. Babies change very quickly so the resemblance may not be there for long.'  

Taking to Mumsnet, an anonymous mother, believed to be from the UK, has asked whether she's unreasonable for feeling 'jealous and upset' that loved ones say her daughter looks like the dad. Pictured, stock image

The woman admitted she's 'really annoyed' by loved ones commenting that her first child, seven weeks, 'looks just like' her partner and 'has done since she was born.' Pictured, the initial post

In the initial post, the woman explained how 'everyone' makes the comparison - including his family and hers.

The frustrated new mother went on to say that she spends 90% of her time looking after her seven-week-old daughter and struggles to see any of herself in her appearance - and just sees her dad.

She added: 'To make things worse my partner is not really enjoying being a new dad and I'm trying to help him adjust but I don't even feel he really likes her yet. It all seems very unfair.'

However, the woman emphasised how grateful she is to be blessed with such a happy and healthy baby, but reiterated the fact she can't help how this is 'getting her down.' 

A second commented: 'It's really not worth getting worked up over when you have so much else going on.'

However, others took a more sympathetic approach to the new mother and the way she was feeling.  

'I carried mine with difficulty, squeezed them out and damaged myself beyond repair and all people could say when they saw them was they looked like their dad. Infuriating in those first few weeks. It’ll pass though,' reassured one. 

Others took a more sympathetic approach with the new mother for the way she was feeling (pictured)

A second, who noted that she was being 'incredibly unreasonable,' went on to add: 'But becoming a parent is tough and we all end up with weird things to worry and stress about. Most babies look like their dad at first. Who knows who she'll end up taking after. It's really really not important.' 

Another questioned whether rather than her hormones, it was more feelings of resentment that were at play.

'The early days are hard and not very interesting so I think it's sort of normal to be tuned out but he should still be involved,' they penned. 

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