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Mother refurbishes her old 'shabby' leather sofa and makes it look brand new

A crafty mother completely refurbished her leather sofa using elbow grease and some new fabric. 

Jane Bailey, from Bournemouth, couldn't afford a new sofa, even though her old one looked worn and 'shabby.' 

In order to update her living-room at a low cost, she decided to sew fabric onto the old sofa frame in order to re-upholster it. 

She only had to buy the fabric in order to complete the task, which she paid £19.50 per metre for. Jane stunned the We Love Mrs Hinch Facebook group with her results.

The sofa before. Jane Bailey, from Bournemouth, could not afford to buy a new sofa, but was tried or her worn out leather couch

In her initial post, she explained: 'It was a good sound sofa but looked shabby and worn and difficult to clean. 

'I didn't want to buy a new one. I really enjoyed doing it. I'd love to know what things has everyone else made for their house that they we really pleased with,' she added. 

Instead of buying a brand new sofa, Jane took the old one's measurements in order to simply cover it with new fabric. 

She explained how she gave the sofa a make over in a comment.  

'It’s like a jigsaw puzzle,' she started. 'Deconstruct your sofa – remove cushions if you can, look to see how it’s made, where are the seams.' 

'Make a paper pattern for each piece of current covers. Measure it and try to recreate the shape,' she added.

With a new fabric and some elbow grease, the mother successfully re-upholstered her sofa to make it look brand new (pictured)

Jane also dispensed a few tips, such as leaving room for mistake by giving yourself 'a seam allowance of at least 2 cm.'

'Cut out the shape and pin onto the sofa – cover each surface to ensure it fits together. 

'If you are using piping watch YouTube and make this. First make frame cover - I used a cheaper fabric under the cushions. 

'Lay paper patterns on fabric – if using a pattern fabric you will need to try to match it (tricky). 

'Ensure you have a seam allowance,' she stressed. 

Members of the We Love Mrs Hinch Facebook group were blown away by Janes' results and complimented her on her DIY skills

'Cut out, draw around the line where you need to sew. Pin together,' she said, adding she strongly recommended to rough-hand tacking the stitches first, 'especially on tricky shapes.' 

'Sew with running stitch on machine,' she added.  She first did the box arm shape, before doing the cushions, which she lined using the zipper on their back. 

She put the frame cover and tacked it underneath.  

'I used a thin layer of wadding around the cushion pads, arm tops and kick panel area to make softer and hide the lines of the old cover,' she concluded.

Facebook was blown away with the results. 'Brilliant job and it looks fantastic,' one said. 

'That’s a brilliant transformation, well done' wrote another. 

'Wow what a difference. It looks like a completely new sofa. Well done you. Looks fab,' another said.  

'As a fellow sewer I want to say that is flipping amazing!!! You must be so chuffed with it,' another said. 

'It looks so good! Sending my seal of approval from the other side of the pond,' said someone else. 

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