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Mother-of-two gives birth in a BIKE LANE during peak hour traffic in Brisbane

A woman has given birth in a bike lane beside heavy traffic on a highway, only two minutes' drive away from the maternity hospital - with the delivery going smoothly thanks to passing medical professionals. 

Aishling Mohan began giving birth while in the car on Wednesday morning, forcing her husband Stephen to pull off the busy road before they reached Mater Hospital in South Brisbane.

A paediatrician and student midwife who were in the vicinity of the pulled-over car were called on to help deliver the baby while other curious onlookers watched on.

A woman has given birth in a bike lane during peak hour traffic next to a multi-lane highway

Ms Mohan started having mild contractions at about 5am on Wednesday, but told Mr Mohan to go to work anyway. 

'I gave it an hour and then I thought, right, now he needs to come home,' she told Sunrise.

'He got home about 45 minutes later, just as my waters broke. Then we quickly dropped our daughter in day care but it was peak hour traffic.'

Then couple were only 200m from the hospital when Ms Mohan starting crowning - the stage of birth when the baby's head becomes visible.

'We were just coming to this big intersection and then I just said, 'Stephen, the baby's head is there',' she recalled. 

Aishling Mohan (pictured left) began crowning while in the car on Wednesday morning, forcing her husband Stephen (right) to pull over near Mater Hospital at South Brisbane

As luck would have it, a paediatrician walked past the scene and helped Mr Mohan deliver the baby and place the newborn on the mother's chest.

Student midwife Emily was also wandering by as Ms Mohan started to crown.   

'I was just walking to my shift and someone yelled out asking if I was a nurse and I said I was a student midwife,' she recalled. 

'They pointed to the car and said, 'That lady is having a baby'. So I just ran as fast as I could to help assist them.'

A paediatrician and student midwife Emily (pictured with the parents) happened to walk past the birth and helped deliver it as passers-by watched

Mr and Ms Mohan (pictured) said their son has not been named yet but will meet his big sister on Thursday 

Emily said the birth was surprisingly calm given the unusual circumstances.   

'[The couple] were wonderful, they were beautiful, everything was a calm setting. They were not stressed and it was really relaxed environment to welcome him into the world.' 

Mr and Ms Mohan said the baby boy, who is their second child, has not been named and was restless during his first night in the outside world. 

'He is just a little bit unsettled because he came out so quickly, so he has got lots of secretions and stuff that he is bringing up,' said Ms Mahon. 

'Today (his big sister) will come in and meet him. It will be lovely. I can't wait to see her reaction.' 

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