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Mother makes a huge blunder while cleaning her kitchen hob - so can YOU spot what's wrong?

A mother turned to the internet for help after accidentally removing all the burner dial labels while cleaning her kitchen hob.

The nurse, from Queensland, said she 'got a bit carried away' while polishing the stove top, and rubbed off the decals.

Asking for ideas on how to rectify the situation, she caused much amusement when she suggested drawing the digits back on using a permanent marker pen. 

'I managed to accidentally scrub off the burner icons by the dials. Any tricks or ideas to put new ones on?' she wrote in a post in a Facebook group dedicated to cleaning tips.

A woman has turned to the internet for help after she accidentally removed all the burner dial labels when she was cleaning her cooktop

She added: 'Should I just draw them on with a permanent marker?'

Dozens of Australians saw the funny side to her dilemma, with one woman suggesting: 'Just wing it. What's life without a little adventure?'

'You can literally play with fire trying to pick which one will come on... okay that sounded better in my head,' another joked.

The mother told how the decals came off when she used Bar Keepers Friend cleanser and polish to clean the hob.

Some respondents revealed you can actually buy replacement hob and oven dial stickers online if you search for the brand and model of your cooker (pictured)

Other cleaning enthusiasts shared similar stories in response to her post, including one mother who said: 'This is my oven and stove too. 

'My daughter has been baking and has had to learn to wing it. I would also like to know people's solutions.'

'Ours have come off over time so I just wing it, you'd think I'd remember which is which,' another woman wrote. 

And one added: 'Is it just me or these things rub off way too easily? They should be made to last. Mine is only a year old and also rubbing off.'

Many shared their solutions, with one woman suggesting: 'When I got a new cooktop, I painted clear nail polish over all the decals and now I can clean without anything coming off.'

Another revealed you can actually buy replacement hob and oven dial stickers online if you search for the brand and model of your cooker. 

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