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'Mother and daughter' roll around on the floor in bitter street fight in front of jeering crowd

A shocking video captures the moment a 'mother and daughter' fight each other in the middle of a housing estate in front of horrified children. 

The battling pair were filmed on an estate in Grangetown, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, as a neighbour armed with a baseball bat jeers them on.  

Footage shows one woman, in black-striped grey joggers and a grey t-shirt, run over to a house on the estate where a woman in wellies is seen smoking.

The fight begins between the 'mother and daughter' on a housing estate in Grangetown, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire. A woman wearing wellies gets on top of the woman in striped grey joggers and throws punches at her head

The woman in the black-stripped joggers shouts and tries to budge past a neighbour in the front garden who is standing in front of the woman in wellies. 

As the woman in wellies finishes her cigarette, she shoves the neighbour out of her way and confronts the woman shouting at her.

In dramatic footage, the woman in striped jogging trousers launches into the other woman and the pair begin throwing punches at each other.

A man armed with a baseball bat appears at the scene as a woman wearing a red jacket tries to take him away from the fight. Another man bending down to break up the fight led to Facebook users to suggest he is wearing 'a thong'

'Go on Trish' can be heard as the woman in wellies knocks the other woman to the ground and punches her repeatedly in the head.

A man then comes over and lifts the woman in wellies off the other woman, and places her on the ground. 

A woman wearing a red hoodie is then seen kicking out at the woman lying on the ground while the pair continue to scrap before someone can be heard saying: 'Let them get on with it'.

Larger crowds begin to gather, including two young children, before a man with a baseball bat appears on the scene.

The neighbour in the red jacket approaches the baseball-wielding man as he swipes the bat through the air.  

A man is then seen appearing to try and break the fight up by bending down, which led to Facebook users to suggest the man is wearing a 'thong.'

Facebook users were disgraced at how the 'mother and daughter' were fighting in front of children on the housing estate in Grangetown, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire

After a few scraps and kicks, which leads to the fight being taken onto a footpath, the pair are eventually broken up.

They continue to shout at each before one woman is taken into a house and the other taken into a car.       

Zara Davison posted the footage on her Facebook page on September 5 and has since racked up more than 358,000 views. 

Emma 'rosey' Robertson said: 'Disgusting behaviour this in front of kids. Wouldn't even dare. Not something kids need to see at all!'

In response to Emma's comment, Vicki Hammond added: 'That's mother and daughter fighting, she's hitting her own f****** kid. They need help honestly.'

Natalie Kristina Tillson-Hill said: 'Going on like that in front of kids and everyone's buzzing, yeah cause that's really clever.'

Melanie Gibson commented: 'And this is the wonderful world we're living in right there, what chance do the kids have if grown adults are behaving like that.' 

However others appeared to be drawn to one of the men who appeared to be wearing a 'thong.'

Taking a screengrab of the clip, Andrew Simon Cope said: 'Is he wearing a thong?' 

Nicky Marshall also noticed the lingerie and commented: 'Watch this. I'm sure he's wearing a thong'. 

Other people on Facebook were drawn to what appeared to be a 'thong' worn by one of the men

Cleveland Police say they received a report of an ongoing fight, but no crime was reported.

A spokeswoman said: 'Police received a report of an on-going fight in the street on Eglington Road in Grangetown at around 11am on Saturday 31 August.

'Officers attended, however, no one came forward with any injuries and no crime has been reported at this time.'

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