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Mother, 45, 'bites off and eats her flatmate's fingers and tries to disembowel her'

A woman who allegedly bit off and ate two of her female flatmate's fingers and tried to disembowel her in front of her six-year-old daughter, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Spanish police say the 45-year-old from Kenya allegedly attacked her 48-year-old victim from the Congo at a flat in the southern city of Seville because she believed she was 'possessed.'

Officers found the suspected aggressor on top of the other woman after rushing to the apartment following calls from concerned neighbours.

The alleged attacker's own six-year-old daughter is said to have been in the flat in an area of Seville called Poligono Norte when she went beserk.

The alleged attacker's own six-year-old daughter is said to have been in the flat in an area of Seville called Poligono Norte (pictured) when she went beserk

The alarm was raised around 6.15am on September 18, although details of the incident have only just been made public.

Local reports said police think the fight began as a verbal argument because one of the women threw a bottle of water with salt in it over the other.

Respected local daily Diario de Sevilla said things got physical amid accusations of witchcraft, with the alleged attacker believing the other woman was 'possessed' and launching into a violent assault.

She is said to have smashed the older woman round the head with a large stone before throwing her on the floor and biting off two of her fingers.

Police sources said the unnamed Kenyan was trying to disembowel her alleged victim when they entered the apartment, using the stone she had previously attacked her with by forcing it up her anus.

The injured woman was rushed to hospital for an emergency op.

The detainee was admitted to the psychiatric wing of another hospital but is expected to be sent to prison after being released.

Her schoolgirl daughter has been taken into local council care.

It was not immediately clear today whether the operation to save the injured woman's fingers was successful and how well she was recovering from her ordeal.

It is not known either when the suspect will appear in front of a judge in a closed court hearing.

There has not yet been any official comment from police in Seville.

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