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Monkey hitches ride on a bus in India and fellow commuters are completely unfazed

This is the incredible moment a monkey decides to hitch a ride on a bus in India after some transport companies began to resume their services amid the coronavirus pandemic.  

The footage, which was captured in Kolkata, West Bengal, shows the creature calmly sitting next to a passenger on the bus as fellow commuters remain unfazed. 

The monkey, who grips the seat in front tightly, looks towards the passenger sat beside it before returning its gaze to the road ahead.

The monkey, who had boarded from Ekbalpur and left the bus two hours later in Achipur, calmly rides a bus in Kolkata, West Bengal, India

The comical scene comes just days after India announced plans to ease its strict lockdown measures and enter the first stage of a three-phase plan.  

During the clip, which was captured on June 1, the monkey, who had boarded from South Kolkata's Ekbalpur and left the bus two hours later in Achipur, sits patiently on the bus.

The animal looks around at the passengers onboard the vehicle before looking back to the windscreen.

The passenger sat next to the monkey stares at the furry creature but remains unfazed by the unusual commuter.  

In India, monkeys are revered creatures that are believed to be a living embodiment of the Hindu deity Hanuman. 

The curious monkey looks around at its fellow commuters, who remain unfazed, before returning its gaze to the front

The passenger sat next to the monkey remains unfazed as the animal patiently sits on the bus

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