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Moment landslide sweeps eight buildings into the sea in Norway as chunk of coast vanishes underwater

A massive landslide dragged eight buildings into Norway's sea as a huge chunk of coast vanished underwater. 

Footage captured by drones yesterday shows the devastating moment a piece of the coastline began to move towards the sea in the northern town of Alta. 

The land disappears underwater as the current of the sea carries several building back towards the land. 

Footage captured by drones shows the moment a chunk of Norway's northern coastline in Alta began to move towards the sea

The landslide was 800 metres long and 40 metres high. 

There are no reports of any deaths or injuries so far, although a dog appears to have been swept away.

Although Finnmark police's Torfinn Halvari told Norway's NTB newswire that they couldn't say with any certainty that no one had been taken by it. 

The land vanishes underwater, as it drags some of the buildings in with it

As reported by The Local, he added: 'We still have on-site crews working to assess landslide security or the danger of new landslides.' 

He said that, although the dog was swept away, he swam back to shore.

Emergency rescue service 330th Squadron rescued the muddy, scared dog using a helicopter as one worker slipped it into a belt.  

The land sinks leaving only the buildings floating in the water where it had once been

One building is brought back to the land by the current of the sea after the land it was built on was destroyed

Twitter users have expressed their astonishment at the footage. One said: '2020 just doesn't quti!' 

Another said: 'A stunning reminder that Mother Nature is always in charge... can you imagine driving home from a hard day at work and seeing your entire neighbourhood floating into the sea...'

A third said: 'This is mad. Even the earth wants to get away from 2020!' 

A wet, scared dog emerges from the water and the 330th Squadron rescued him by putting a belt around him

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