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Moment drinkers have a lucky escape when car smashes into bar terrace and overturns

This is the shocking moment a woman in China mixed up the pedals in her new car and slams into a bar terrace - miraculously missing two people enjoying a drink.

In the footage, two customers are seen enjoying a drink on the bar terrace as the  driver turns into the road.

However, instead of slowing down, she apparently accelerates and crashes into the stepped entrance of the bar terrace, nearly hitting the two customers.

The car in Zhongshan City, China careened right and was inches away from hitting two men sitting outside a bar

The clients spring to their feet and move away as the car flips onto its roof and comes to an abrupt stop.

The incident took place in Nantou located in Zhongshan City in the south-eastern Chinese province of Guangdong around noon on November 27 and was captured by two different secuirty cameras.

The female driver, named Rong, was driving with her husband Tang in the passenger seat when she hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal, according to Sina news site. 

The car dramatically flipped as it looked as though it would hit the two men enjoying the bar

The flipped car was caught on two security camera with a second angle showing the damage to the vehicle clearer

Both the people inside and outside the car were unharmed after the incident despite the damage to the car

After crashing into the stepped entrance of the bar terrace and nearly flattening two customers, the driver's vehicle overturned in the road.

Fortunately, the couple was reportedly wearing their seatbelts at the time and no one was seriously injured, however Tang chipped a tooth in the incident. 

Rong reportedly told the traffic police that she was used to driving manual vehicles and the couple's new automatic car, which they bought one week earlier, was unfamiliar to her.