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Model and competitive eater Nela Zisser eats Nutella jar in two minutes

A model who is also a competitive eater has stunned viewers by devouring a full jar of family-sized Nutella in less than two minutes.

New Zealand medical student Nela Zisser, 26, uploaded the clip to YouTube on Tuesday, and finished a food challenge many would find impossible with ease.

As the video progresses, Ms Zisser - who weighs a reported 55kg - tells the audience she will complete the feat without drinking any water before going to work.

In on minute and 41 seconds the huge jar is empty, with the unassuming woman telling the audience the chocolate goodness was 'incredibly thick' and that she was 'quite surprised' at her achievement.

She later said it felt like she had a 'Nutella lump in her throat'.

Setting herself a goal of two minutes to finish the family size jar of Nutella, competitive eater Nela Zisser achieved the feat in one minute and 41 seconds

Massvie burgers are also no obstacle, with Ms Zisser often eating the imposing servings in record time

Videos of Ms Zisser's unusual party trick have been circulating on social media for some time.

A clip from ABC in the US in June this year showed her eating a 2.5lb burrito in just 81 seconds.

Zisser's personal Instagram page also features 'foodie triumphs' involving huge servings of KFC, pizza, large birthday cakes, and spaghetti Bolognese.

The 26-year-old was encouraged by her mother to enter her first eating competition five years ago as she felt her daughter would be a 'natural'.

She brushed aside challenges from 19 men to win the top prize - and a distinctive path to fame. 

'I'm probably the top competitive eater in New Zealand,' Zisser told the NZ Herald recently. 

'I've won almost every contest, except for one.'

With scarce opportunities to compete across the Tasman, Nela turned to YouTube to advance her career.

She records her challenges and then posts the videos to her YouTube channel - a common practice in the competitive-eating world.

Some of her more eye-catching videos include the well-known 1kg Mad Mex burrito challenge, which she completed in less than three minutes, and devouring a monster 10,000-calorie English breakfast back in 2016.

The medical student uploads her eating exploits to YouTube, where she has developed a huge following online

The 26-year-old first entered an eating competition five years ago - which she won - as her mother thought she would be a 'natural'

The two platters of food included 20 eggs, 1kg of bacon fried in butter, six sausages, four muffins, and mushrooms cooked in cream which she scoffed down in 42 minutes.

Another video where she ate 22 Big Macs in just under an hour sent tongues wagging online. 

As well as posting her food challenges, which she has done weekly since she started, Nela also travelled overseas to take part in competitions with other competitive eaters, including in the US, where large food portions are legendary.

Despite constantly gorging on food many would consider unhealthy, Nela is a gym regular up to five times a week and also has completed numerous healthy food challenges, including one featuring 500g of raw broccoli.