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Missouri landlord is charged with stabbing his tenant to death in a furious rage over heating

A Missouri landlord was charged with second-degree murder for stabbing his tenant more than 30 times in a furious rage after he was asked to turn the heat up, with the victim dying in his fiancée's arms as screams echoed through the neighborhood.  

Gordon McBeth has been charged with second-degree murder and armed criminal action for the death of Darryl Gilland Jr, 28, of Kansas City, Missouri.

Gilland and his fiancé Samantha Pohlman, 23, had moved into a new home near Topping Avenue in Northland, Missouri, a week prior and had negotiated a lower rent price in return for helping with the remodel. 

The couple had messaged their landlord to fix the heating as it had been getting cold at night. 

They had asked the landlord for a space heater, Pohlman said. 

Landlord Gordon McBeth (pictured) stabbed his tenant Darryl Gilland Junior, 28, of Kansas City, Missouri, more than 30 times in a furious rage over a space heater 

Gilland (pictured) and his fiancé Samantha Pohlman, 23, had messaged their landlord about fixing the heating problem in their new home

Gilland, who was described as 'gentle' by his family, died in his girlfriend's arms after two neighbors were able to get McBeth off of him and hold him at gunpoint until police arrived 

'He [Gilland] just messaged him like: "Hey, can we please just do something about the heating situation,' Pohlman told KCTV 5. 

'At first, the guy was perfectly nice about it. He was like: "Yeah, I'll come over and we'll do that," and  then just out of nowhere, he completely flipped and acted like we were asking too much and being a complete burden.' 

At 3.30pm on October 22, witnesses told KCTV that they heard McBeth driving erratically into the couple's driveway. 

Pohlman said McBeth got out of the car and threw insulation at the couple. She reportedly told KCTV that McBeth threatened to kill Gilland if the insulation wasn't good enough for them. 

The couple had moved into their new home (pictured) a week prior to the stabbing 

The home was dilapidated and needed a lot of repairs 

McBeth then reportedly stabbed Gilland more than 30 times. Pohlman had run for help and neighbors came to rescue after hearing 'horrific screaming.' 

One neighbor pulled McBeth off Gilland while the other held him at gunpoint until police arrived. 

Gilland died in Pohlman's arms. 

'I held his head and I told him "it was going to be okay" and that the ambulance was coming. And that I loved him,' she told Fox 4. 

The family is now distraught over losing their son 'over nothing.' 

'[It was] nothing, it was over nothing,' Gilland's mother Donna Groves told KCTV 5. 

'My son was a very gentle, loving, caring, and would do anything for anybody. He did not deserve this.' 

Gilland and Pohlman (pictured) met five years prior to their engagement 

She said she remembers him as 'such a sweet, nervous gentleman from the beginning'

Darryl Senior (left) said the event was 'indescribable' and that he was 'proud' of his son. His mother Diane Groves (right) called him 'very gentle, loving, caring' person 

His father Darryl Gilland Senior called the event 'indescribable' to KSHB 41, as he barely held back tears. 

'It's indescribable. Have you ever had this happen before? I don't know what to say about it,' he said. 

'I hear people talking about losing their children...but over 30 times, my son bled to death.

'He was just so full of life, now, and I was just so proud of him, I always told him how proud I was of him.' 

Samantha informed Darryl Senior that his son had 'posted about it on Facebook' and told her that his dad was proud of him, Fox 4 reported. 

Darryl Senior responded that he felt 'lonely' and 'loved him [his son] very much.'  

The family set up a GoFundMe to help transport Gilland's body to Indiana, to lay him to rest next to his grandparents, with whom he was close . They have raised almost $7,000 of their $10,000 goal 

Samantha told Fox 4 she remembered Gilland as 'such a sweet, nervous gentleman from the beginning' when they met for the first time five years ago. 

His mother said he 'wanted to be the man of the house and wanted to take care of her [Samantha].'  

The family set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of transporting Darryl's body back to his hometown in Indiana to be buried next to his grandparents, who the family reported was very closed to him. 

Any additional funds will be transferred to Samantha to 'assist in getting her on her feet.' 

The family has raised $6,988 out of their $10,000 as of October 26.  

The family is now asking for the charges to be increased to first-degree murder. 

McBeth is due back in court on November 2.