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Melissa's Caddick's husband Anthony Koletti is mocked for 'cringeworthy' interview

The husband of multi-millionaire swindler Melissa Caddick has been mocked online for an interview many viewers found hard to take seriously.

Even high-profile personalities like Natalie Barr and Derryn Hinch weighed in on the tell-all TV interview that audiences labelled 'cringeworthy'.

Anthony Koletti, 39, told Seven News Spotlight he doesn't believe 'the love of his life' ripped off family, friends and investors despite the mountain of evidence collected by investigators.

The rollerblading hairdresser also told bewildered veteran journalist Michael Usher he still doesn't understand what a 'Ponzi scheme' is.

Ruthless commenters also mocked the amateur DJ for his denials and took aim at his music, which was featured heavily in the soundtrack of the program.

Anthony Koletti, the husband of multi-millionaire swindler Melissa Caddick (pictured together) has copped a fiery backlash on social media after his tell-all TV interview which was labelled 'cringeworthy'

Ruthless commenters also slammed the armature DJ for his music which was featured heavily in the program

'Melissa Caddick's husband is in denial about her crimes, not to mention his music is s**thouse,' one commenter wrote.

Another added: 'The cringe of the husband's music on the Melissa Caddick Spotlight episode is off the scale.' 

'This thing on Caddick is hilarious. Who produced this? It's an absolute comedy. And the promotion of her husband's music in the background. I can't,' a third wrote.

A fourth predicted: 'Melissa Caddick's husbands music is surely going to be the most downloaded on Spotify after all the plugs his given during the interview about his missing, presumed dead wife.'

Caddick, 49, stole millions from the life savings of family and friends in a brazen Ponzi scheme, taking the funds and spending it on herself instead of investing it for them as she promised.

As an ASIC investigation closed in on her $30 million scam, she left her luxury home in Sydney's eastern suburbs for a dawn run on November 12 last year and then vanished.

Her disappearance sparked a massive manhunt until her rotting foot drifted ashore in February on Bournda Beach, 400km south of Sydney, and she was declared dead. 

The rollerblading hairdresser (pictured) also told bewildered veteran news reporter Michael Usher he still doesn't understand what a 'Ponzi scheme' is

Caddick's 'penniless' husband (pictured together) has been slammed for doing the TV special

But mystery still surrounds her final movements and her fate.

Some have put forward wild theories she may have had her foot amputated to fake her own death before fleeing overseas.

Others debated whether she committed suicide or was killed.

Although ASIC investigators found a litany of evidence against Caddick including false documentation, Mr Koletti said: 'I don't believe a word that any of them say'. 

'You could think that but I don't see my self as a victim of Melissa Caddick I see myself as a survivor of ASIC,' he said.

'Even if she was as guilty as hell, she didn't deserve to die. The way they interrogated her was inhuman.

'Whether she committed suicide, whether she was murdered. She died because of their raid.'

While the leading theory of investigators is that Caddick ended her own life as ASIC's net closed in on her and her criminal operation, Mr Koletti dismissed the suicide theory and said murder is 'most likely'. 

Anthony Koletti (pictured with Caddick) has dismissed the suicide theory, despite ASIC's net closing in on his wife and her criminal operation

Caddick's disappearance sparked a massive manhunt until her rotting foot (pictured) drifted ashore in February on Bournda Beach, 400km south of Sydney, and she was declared dead

He laid all blame at the feet of fraud investigators for raiding her home the night before she vanished. 

Mr Koletti claimed the investigation either enraged an investor who wrongly believed she swindled their money, or made her so distraught she took her own life.

But social media users found his denials of her crimes 'infuriating'.  

Former radio shock jock and Australian senator Derryn Hinch called dismissed the program as 'staged'.  

Channel Seven's own TV personality Natalie Barr said the 'interview with the husband... [was] compelling and infuriating'.

The Sunrise host was telling a viewer they missed out after declaring they would not be watching the show because it would reveal nothing new.

The Dover Heights home (pictured) is worth $6.2million, and was raided by Federal Police in November last year

Anthony Koletti is set to break his silence about the disappearance of his wife, saying 'someone got greedy and wanted her dead

Viewers were also left baffled by Mr Koletti's claim he did not question Caddick after the dramatic police raid and a subsequent 14-hour search at their multi-million home the night before she went missing.

He told the program the couple 'spooned' in bed before he went down stairs to make music. 

But there were some who leapt to his defence after finding his denials credible and had sympathy for his situation.

'I actually believe Melissa Caddick's husband. I think he's innocent in the whole thing,' one audience member wrote.  

Anthony Koletti promises to reveal the true story of what happened to his missing wife, fraudster Melissa Caddick

Anthony Koletti seen in Bondi days before a blockbuster TV interview is set to air

Caddick's crimes include a detailed Ponzi scheme involving 60 friends and family, totalling $30 million - only $7 million of which was ever repaid. The rest of the money vanished.

From 2012 onwards, after creating her finance company Maliver, it was common for her to tell interested clients who approached her that she was 'too busy' to help them - then later tell them they were in luck, somehow finding time for their business.

The brochure she handed out for Maliver lied about her credentials as she was not a certified financial planner and did not have a masters of business.

The company operated using someone else's Australian Financial Services Licence. Once she had their money, she created a fake CommSec share trading account for each client.

Where she needed to, she forged not only clients' signatures but also that of the nearest available justice of the peace - her father-in-law Rodo Koletti.

She emailed clients a fake monthly report claiming stunning returns of up to 30 per cent, which convinced them to invest more with her, and to get her more word-of-mouth business.     

Daily Mail Australia understands Mr Koletti was to be paid $50,000 for the TV special. He is still living in their $6.2 million Dover Heights home, where most of the interview was filmed. 

Anthony Kolleti (pictured) blames the ASIC raid for his wife's death

Anthony Koletti's biggest Caddick claims

Melissa Caddick was most likely murdered by an angry investor who wrongly though she swindled them. His 'suspect list is long'.

She wouldn't have taken her own life because: 'Her love for her son, myself, her family and friends was far beyond that'

However, in the unlikely event she did kill herself, she was driven to it by the stress of the 'unfair' ASIC raid, not because of her guilt

If she was killed by an investor, it was because the ASIC investigation wrongly made them think she stole their money, not because she was guilty

Caddick is completely innocent and ASIC's mountains of evidence to the contrary is 'just their opinion'

ASIC seized a trove of valuables, both as evidence and to pressure her, including necklaces worth $500,000

He knew nothing of her business because she never told him, and he never asked her what the raid was about or if she did anything wrong because he had no doubt she was innocent.