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Melbourne smoker gives ridiculous reason for why he's not wearing a face mask

A Melburnian man was slapped with his tenth fine for breaking coronavirus restrictions on Thursday, as police tasked with enforcing the state's strict measures grow increasingly frustrated with individuals who refuse to follow the rules.

In the past 24 hours, police have handed out 253 fines for COVID-19 rule breakers breaching the Chief Health Officer's directives.

Among them was a man who was fined for the tenth time and another who told the police he did not need to wear a face mask because he has a 'birth condition' which makes him 'immune' to COVID-19.

Police in Geelong are pictured at a checkpoint enforcing Victoria's coronavirus restrictions (pictured on Friday)

Three police in face masks are pictured patrolling Melbourne's CBC enforcing lockdown (pictured on Wednesday)

Police said a man from Whittlesea on the northern outskirts of Melbourne was found in inner-city Richmond.

He told officers he was there to visit work colleagues but failed to produce any appropriate documentation.

The man was hit with a fine for travelling 5km beyond of his home.

It was the tenth time he had received a breach order from police. 

Another bizarre incident took place when police stopped two men buying cigarettes in South Melbourne after the 8pm curfew.

 Both men were also not wearing face coverings.

A man buying a pack of smokes told police he did not need to wear a face mask because a 'birth condition' made him immune coronavirus

The police officers did not accept the man's excuses and he was hit with an on-the-spot fine

One of the men told the cops he's resistant to coronavirus due to a 'birth condition'.

But the strange excuse was not accepted by the officers who issued fines to the pair.

Police also fined a man west of Melbourne in the Brimbank area, who was out after curfew 'researching where to buy cheap groceries'. 

Under Stage Four lockdown, the only allowable reasons to leave home are for work, exercise, essential shopping and giving or receiving medical care.

A $200 on-the-spot penalty is in place for anyone who is not wearing a face covering and a $1652 fine can be issued for anyone breaking Melbourne's Stage Four lockdown or regional Victoria's Stage Three stay-at-home orders.  

Melbourne's Stage 4 lockdown: 

State of disaster: Increased police powers to enforce the lockdown. Cautions will no longer be issued, only $1,652 fines or court summons

Curfew: No one allowed outside 8pm to 6am except for work, medical, caregiving - no shopping or exercising

Distance limit: Shopping and exercise can only be done 5km from home 

Exercise: All recreational activity is banned and you can only exercise, with one other person, for one hour a day. Kicking a ball around is ok but not tennis, fishing, golf, boating

Partners: You can visit a boyfriend or girlfriend who doesn't live with you, even if they live more than 5km away 

Shopping: Only one person can go shopping per household per day 

Cafes and restaurants: stay open for takeaway, as do supermarkets, etc

Schools: All students learning from home from Wednesday unless they are vulnerable or parents are essential workers. Kindy and childcare close on Thursday (same exceptions apply)

Funerals: No change to funeral limits, but only 10 mourners can leave Melbourne to regional Victoria for one

Weddings: Completely banned

Public transport: Slashed after 8pm and cancelled late at night 

There were 41 fines handed out in the past 24 hours for no wearing a face mask and 75 individuals copped a breach order for breaking curfew.

Police carried out a total of 18,405 vehicles checks at roadblocks and conducted 5,007 spot checks at homes, businesses and public places across the state.

Since March 21, authorities have carried out a staggering 272,550 spot checks. 

Victoria recorded a further 372 new infections on Friday and another 14 deaths.

The state's death toll has now reached 289 and there are currently 7866 active cases.

Police in Victoria tasked with enforcing the state's strict lockdown measures are growing increasingly frustrated with individuals that refuse to follow the rules 

What is closed in Melbourne's Stage 4 lockdown:

Furniture wholesalers

Personal care including hairdressers

Car washes

Pubs, taverns, bars, brothels and prostitution services, clubs, nightclubs

Food courts, restaurants, cafes, etc 

Architectural, engineering and technical services

Travel and tour agencies 

Non-emergency call centre operations

Non-urgent elective surgery

Museums, parks and gardens, ski resorts


Places of worship except what is required to stream services or provide soup kitchens and food banks 

Manufacturing of non-metallic mineral and fabricated metal products, furniture, wood, textile, leather fur, dressing knitted, clothing and footwear, domestic appliances

All office-based and professional businesses, except those delivering critical services, must work from home


Building sites of more than three storeys - 25 per cent of workforce

Less than three storeys- five workers on site at a time only

Meat processing - workers cut by a third

Shopping centres for access to permitted retail only

Public transport, ride share and taxis only to support access to permitted services for permitted workers

Thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing with minimum number of essential participants to operate safely 


What is still be open in Melbourne's Stage 4 lockdown:

Supermarkets, bottle shops, petrol stations, pharmacies, post offices, banks

Retailers working onsite to fulfill online orders 

Hardware, building an garden supplies for trade

Specialist stationery for business use 

Motor vehicle parts for emergency repairs, mechanics

Locksmiths, laundry and dry cleaners, maternity supplies

Disability and health services and equipment, mobility devices 

Farms and commercial fishing

Vets, pounds and animal shelters

Construction of critical infrastructure and services to support those projects

Supermarkets will stay open

Critical repairs to homes where required for emergency or safety

Cafes and restaurants for takeaway


Critical service call centres


Law enforcement and courts for urgent matters

Prisons, facilities for parolees, adult parole board, youth justice facilities

Emergency services

Essential maintenance and manufacturing


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