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Melbourne motorists trapped in Dan Andrews' Ring of Steel do the unthinkable and pray for RAIN

Miserable Melburnians are enduring hours trapped in traffic jams as Victoria Police enforce Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews' 'Ring of Steel' around the city. 

Highways leading out of Melbourne on Friday have been clogged with cars as ordinary citizens attempt to travel out of the metropolitan area to work. 

Traffic headed into Geelong, southwest of Melbourne, stretched back for 13 kilometres all the way from Little River to past Werribee as police performed identity checks on motorists. 

The ring of steel will tighten around Metropolitan Melbourne's city borders with increased police checks (police checkpoint pictured) as regional Victoria lifts coronavirus lockdown

Police continue to cause Melburnians pain at checkpoints around the city

Traffic on the freeway leading to Geelong out of Melbourne on Friday stretched back for 13 kilometres 

Under the regional travel crackdown under COVOD-19 restrictions, Victorian who leave a restricted area without a lawful excuse will be handed a $4957 fine.

The new law came into effect at midnight on Wednesday, with drivers warned to expect long delays.

On the other side of town, motorists attempting to travel along Sydney Road towards the Hume Highway were also trapped. 

Similar scenes were taking place near Ballarat on the Western Highway - west of Melbourne. 

A day earlier, motorists in country Victoria reported equally frustrating delays as traffic near Nar Nar Goon came to a stand still. 

Police have said they will attempt to stop every vehicle at the seven permanent checkpoints and at a new mobile stop along the Mornington Peninsula, which remains in Stage Four lockdown despite being on the other side of Port Phillip Bay among farms and vineyards.

Many motorists entering the areas carry work permits allowing them access into the COVID-free regional areas. 

Melbourne remains under draconian Stage Four lockdown, which limits movement to within five kilometres of a resident's home without a work permit. 

Police are also patrolling country backroads after crafty Melburnians were caught bypassing their initial roadblocks earlier this year. 

Officers are also checking buses and country V-Line trains as well as using number plate recognition software.

A Melburnian's view on Friday as he attempted to travel from Melbourne into Geelong for work 

On Thursday, police were scared off by a bit of rain and let traffic into Geelong flow freely 

Melburnians are being subjected to a 'ring of steel' around the city keeping them locked in

Melburnians lucky enough to still have a job continue to suffer through police check points 

Those caught by police will also be turned around and sent back to Melbourne in addition to copping a fine.

“They love to have visitors - but they love to be virus-free,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said on Wednesday.

Permitted workers, including some truck drivers, will be allowed to pass through the checkpoints, but will not be exempt from the wait times.

Deputy Commissioner of Regional Operations Rick Nugent said more vehicles would be stopped at border checkpoints including all vehicles towing campervans, boats, jetskis, fishing gear or swags.

'There will be delays at these checkpoints and for that I am sorry but we have to do all we can to ensure people from metropolitan Melbourne don’t travel to these areas,' he said.

'They love to have visitors - but they love to be virus-free,' Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said on Wednesday. 

On Thursday, photographs showed how a part of Melbourne's ring of steel was left unattended by police because of heavy rain.

The image showed the Little River checkpoint on the Princes Freeway near Geelong unmanned due to wet weather.

It was captured about 8.30am, while cars continued to travel past the dreary and unchecked barrier.

On Friday, it had some Melburnians stuck in traffic praying for rain.  

Traffic chaos greeted Melburnians travelling to work in Geelong on Friday 

Social media has lit up with complaints from angry motorists 

Australia Defence Force personnel have been helping out Victoria Police at checkpoints around the city

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