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Melania Trump to return to campaign trail Saturday with rallies in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

Melania Trump will return to the campaign trail on Saturday with rallies in the critical battleground states of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. 

The first lady has stepped up her push for her husband's second term in the past week - holding a solo rally in Pennsylvania and then joining President Donald Trump for a rally in Tampa, Florida. 

Now she has two more events on her schedule as the president will hold 14 rallies in the last three days before the election.

She'll be in West Bend, Wisconsin, and Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania - two states her husband needs in his column if he wants to defeat Democratic rival Joe Biden.

President Trump will also be in Pennsylvania on Saturday - he'll hold three rallies, making stops Bucks County, Reading, and Butler. And he'll be in Biden's birth city of Scranton on Monday.

Melania Trump will return to the campaign trail with two rallies on Saturday in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania 

The president is trying to repeat his 2016 success - when he became the first Republican presidential candidate in more than 20 years to win the two states, which were part of the Democrats' 'blue wall' of defense in the midwest.

Biden leads in the polls in both of them: by four points in the RealClearPolitics average of polls in Pennsylvania and by six points in the RealClearPolitics average of polls in Wisconsin. 

Biden and Trump campaigned in Wisconsin on Friday and Trump will campaign in Kenosha on Monday. 

The first lady has combined praise for her husband with attacks on his rival during her campaign speeches. 

'Donald is a fighter. He loves this country and he fights for you every single day,' she said Tuesday in Atglen, Pennsylvania, her first solo event of 2020.

She echoed many of her husband's attack lines in her campaign speech: calling Biden a 'socialist' who would 'destroy America' and attacking the news media's coverage of her, her husband and his administration.

In Tampa, Florida, on Thursday, Melania, with President Trump standing along her side, told a packed and sweaty crowd, 'A vote for President Trump is a vote for a better America.' 

Donald and Melania Trump kissed after she opened for him on stage - to a packed crowd in Tampa, Florida, on Thursday

President Donald Trump and Melania Trump spoke to packed crowd on a hot, Tampa day

Distancing for someone: Melania Trump got a seat at the side of the dais after her speech 

And she pointed out that they were back in their home state.

She ticked off a number of her husband's accomplishments including 'historic peace in the Middle East.'

'We didn't just talk about it, we moved our embassy to Jerusalem,' she noted.

The first lady also said the economy was 'restored.' 'And our unemployment shrank.'

She pledged that 'healthcare for every citizen remains a priority for him.'

Melania Trump also said her husband continues to work toward 'destroying the virus' - in reference to COVID, which the first family suffered from.  

The first lady will be in Florida on Election Day, where she is scheduled to cast her ballot in Palm Beach, near the couple's Mar-a-Lago home.  

This cycle, Melania Trump has had a limited campaign schedule. The adult children of the president - Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric - have conducted multiple campaign events. 

The first lady spoke on the second night of the Republican National Convention from the White House Rose Garden but that was her last public campaign event. And she was at President Trump's re-election launch in Florida in June 2019. 

She was scheduled to host fundraisers for the president's campaign in Florida and California in April but those were canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

She was diagnosed with COVID-19 as the same time as the president, but recovered in the White House residence, using rest and vitamins. 

She made her first post-COVID appearance at the final presidential debate in Nashville.  

Melania Trump attacked her husband's Democratic rival Joe Biden as a 'socialist' whose agenda would 'destroy America' during a solo campaign stop in Atglen, Pennsylvania

After her campaign event in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, the first lady brought pizza and thanked the volunteers for their work at the Republican Committee of Lancaster County headquarters

During her solo campaign event in Pennsylvania, she began her remarks thanking people for their support when she, the president and their 14-year-old son Barron battled the coronavirus.

'Thank you for all the love and support you gave us when our family was diagnosed with COVID-19. We are all feeling so much better now thanks to healthy living and some of the amazing therapeutic options available in our country - thank you again for your well wishes,' she said.

Her speech had echoes of the president's campaign arguments but with a softer touch. For example, while she attacked Biden's long record of public service, she didn't go as far as calling him a 'corrupt politician,' which President Trump has done. But she did call him a 'socialist,' which the president has accused him of.

'Joe Biden's policies and socialist agenda will only serve to destroy America and all that has been built in the past four years. We must keep Donald in the White House so he can finish what he's started and our country can continue to flourish,' she said.

And while she didn't call out the 'fake news' as the president likes to call them, she did attack the media for its coverage, saying there was too much of a focus on 'gossip.'

'When he decided to run for president as a Republican, the media created a different picture of my husband— one I didn't recognize— and treated all his supporters with equal disdain. The media has chosen to focus on stories of idle gossip and palace intrigue by editorializing real events and policies with their own bias and agendas,' she said. 

She said Tuesday she wished the media would focus on her Be Best initiative when it came to her. The first lady rarely gives interviews or answers questions from the press.

'For instance, my initiative, BE BEST, has one main goal - helping children. Yet the media have chosen to take the attention away from children and focus on only the negative,' she said.

She also directed her remarks to women, a voting bloc President Trump needs in his corner.

'As a mother, I am grateful for a President who believes in strong families. As an independent woman, I am grateful for a President who has championed not only women, but working mothers, by promoting and supporting their roles in the workforce. As an American, I am proud that we have a President who puts our country first,' she said.

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