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Megyn Kelly's comeback only gets 26k Instagram views and just 6k subscribe to her new YouTube 

Megyn Kelly's comeback has failed to garner much interest on social media despite teasing the relaunch of her journalism career a year after her firing from NBC.

Kelly began Friday by promoting her exclusive interview with the former ABC producer who was fired from CBS for 'leaking' Amy Robach's hot mic rant that ABC had killed their Jeffrey Epstein story before other outlets got it.

But the chat with Ashley Bianco seemingly wasn't enough to win her a huge following, as the Instagram TV clip had only been viewed 27,000 times by Monday, while her YouTube channel garnered just 7,000 subscribers.

Her following on Instagram – which has over 1 billion global users – hit approximately 27.4k in three days under a @MegynKelly handle that focuses on 'current stories and my insight in real time'. Another, @theRealMegynKelly had 4,673 followers Monday night.

Megyn Kelly posted on Instagram three days ago that she was coming back with a hot interview but between Friday and Monday interest has lagged

Her Instagram account garnered 27.4k followers in three days and the Instagram TV post of her interview had just 26,912 views by Monday

On Twitter, where she has 2.41 million followers after years on the platform throughout her time at TV networks – she posted: 'I just joined Instagram - have a feeling you'll be interested in my first post - coming Friday morning. Pls follow me there at: @therealmegynkelly. Have some news coming your way.' 

She tried to ramp up interest by posting on one verified Instagram channel under her name: 'Launching my Instagram with an exclusive interview of the woman just fired after the leak of a hot mic moment by ABC's @ajrobach. But did ABC News target the right person? 

'Follow along with me here @MegynKelly, for current stories and my insight in real time.'

In a video, she told followers of her newly-established account she would later in the day post an interview with Bianco. 

The producer leaked a video to activist group Project Veritas of a visibly frustrated Amy Robach discussing how ABC News had not allowed her to air what was purported to be an in-depth interview with a victim of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Kelly had more luck on YouTube where the full seven-minute interview was viewed almost 220,000 times by Monday night. 

Using the hashtag #JeffreyEpstein to draw in search traffic to her page, the figures were likely also helped by widespread embedding of the clip in online news outlets.

Kelly also posted on Twitter, 'I just joined Instagram - have a feeling you'll be interested in my first post - coming Friday morning .Pls follow me there at: @therealmegynkelly. Have some news coming your way'. But she only had 4,673 followers by Monday night

Kelly tried to ramp up excitement for her exclusive interview on her YouTube channel and Instagram TV Friday

In a post before sharing the interview (above), Kelly posted: 'Follow along with me here @MegynKelly, for current stories and my insight in real time'

An October 2018 discussion about the use of blackface in Halloween costumes proved polarizing enough that she and NBC Universal quickly parted ways. She joined March 2017.

It seems social media was the obvious choice for Kelly after media mogul Rupert Murdoch confirmed after her firing that he would not be inviting her to rejoin Fox News although he thinks she's talented.

Her Twitter feed has for the past year been filled with content that would not be a bad fit with the morning program she was doing for NBC. 

There have been stinging rebukes of news coverage; pictures of cooking experiments gone awry; photos of a new family dog; and allusions to life with her husband and three children.

Kelly recently appeared on Tucker Carlson's Fox News program to discuss how her former employer, NBC News handled the Ronan Farrow's reporting of claims made against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Kelly walked away with the all of her three-year $69million contract and her financial ties to the company are expected to end in April of 2020, sources close to the matter told Reuters. 

The exclusive centered around former ABC producer Ashley Bianco who was fired from CBS

Kelly teased her independent career with a story surrounding the producer fired for 'leaking' Amy Robach's hot mic rant that ABC killed the Jeffrey Epstein story (pictured)

She walked from the contract free to find employment with another company and anywhere from $17million to $20million per year.

The independent production route has proved successful in the case of Katie Couric, the former Today co-anchor and CBS Evening News anchor who does programming for the National Geographic cable network and a morning newsletter that has secured ad deals from Procter & Gamble and Sleep Number.

Additionally, Soledad O'Brien, the former CNN anchor, founded a production company in 2013.

Perhaps it's no surprise that Kelly's independent comeback didn't take off with a bang; in the fourth quarter of 2018, total viewers on the Today show increased by 15 percent and viewers in the key demographic of adults aged 25 to 54 were up 19 percent.

The third hour of the show, a time slot she took over with Megyn Kelly Today, retained far more viewers after she was fired and numbers slowly climbed back up to where they were before her arrival.

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