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Meet the rescue dogs facing their own Covid crisis as charity cash dries up

Starting out with their soulful eyes, all they are longing for is a loving owner.

Some are the latest canine victims of the Covid crisis, which has seen scores of dogs abandoned after people bought them to be companions, then discovered they could not look after them properly.

Others were rescued from a miserable existence in puppy breeding farms. All have been taken in by Many Tears rescue centre near Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, in the past two months, and are desperately seeking new homes.

The charity, co-founded by Sylvia Van Atta, 62, is facing financial disaster and does not know how long it can afford to keep on looking after the dogs. 

She says the rescue centre has been ‘limping through day by day trying to keep open’ for months already and is now reaching crisis point.

Pictured: The rescue mutts facing their own Covid crisis as charity cash dries up, so... could you make them waggy ever after?

‘All these dogs deserve a good home because they’ve already been through hell,’ she adds. But at the same time we’re running out of cash — and dogs will certainly die if we can’t help them.

‘Once they’re with us, they’re safe — but we only have the money for five or six months’ running costs. We’re already tapping into savings. All our fund-raising events have been cancelled because of Covid.

‘It’s desperate. I’ve even stayed up at nights writing a book about our struggle — Red, White And True — to try to raise money.’

She said the charity’s policy is that they ‘never put the dogs to sleep’ but she is extremely worried how long they will be able to afford to keep the rescue centre running.

As well as donations, the centre is funded by income from Mrs Van Atta’s husband Bill’s boarding kennels, but thousands of pounds were lost because of cancelled bookings during lockdown.

If you want to give one of these adorable dogs a ‘forever home’, visit manytearsrescue.org to make an online application. 

Waffle has a lot of love to give

Waffle is a ten-month-old mastiff-cross. He loves people but has behavioural issues that mean he may guard his food and toys from his owners.

Phase set to stun in a new caring home

Seven-year-old pointer Phase is a former breeding dog. She is gentle but has never lived in a home, so will need to learn about house-training.

Nervous Nessa needs the gentle touch  

Nessa is a huntaway, a breed used for sheep-herding in New Zealand. Five years old, she came from a breeder and is very nervous about being touched if she is not expecting it — but not aggressive.

Get a doggy date with October 

A four-year-old beagle, October spent his life indoors at a breeding farm, never seeing the sun or taken for a walk. He wants his first proper home.

Wouldn't we all want a great new Gizmo? 

Schnauzer/Labrador cross Gizmo is hoping to get lots of walks. His owner suffered poor mental health and was unable to take the two-year-old out.

So many reasons to admire Jenny

Jenny the crossbreed is just 18 months old. She was rescued in Romania and the charity paid for her to come to the UK.

Floss the collie likes a lot of fuss

Floss the six-year-old collie originally came to Many Tears from a breeder and has been returned after a short adoption. Described as ‘a beautiful, obedient girl with an eagerness to learn and impress’.

Jaunty Jango's got plenty of bounce 

Big-hearted crossbreed Jango is a year old. He was found half-dead on the streets of Iraq earlier this year and taken in by the charity, but has since grown into a 'happy, bouncy and comical boy'.

Help Max live life to the max again

Eight -year-old schnauzer Max’s previous owner was elderly, not able to exercise him, and did not have any family back-up to take him for walks during lockdown.

Have you got the energy for Quaver?

Quaver, an 18-month-old hound, had an elderly owner who could not manage him. He is ‘energetic and needs a life to match’.

Hubert is hoping for a fresh start 

Hubert the old English sheepdog is eight months old. A present for a child, he was given up because he became ‘too much’ to cope with.

Manny wants to be man's best friend

Manny the crossbreed is two years old and came from Romania, where he was found roaming the streets and saved from doggy death row.

Cute Kylie needs a stroke of luck 

Seven-year-old German shepherd Kylie is no longer wanted by a breeding farm. She is said to be ‘very gentle and a lovely dog’.

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