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Married police officer, 39, weeps as he tells how woman 'pulled down trousers and straddled him'

A married policeman has told a jury he felt violated after a woman he had given a lift home straddled him in his squad car.

Sgt Lee Cocking, 39, said the woman climbed onto his lap and then reached down into his boxer shorts.

She tried to have sex with him despite his protests but eventually gave up, he told a jury at Gloucester Crown Court sitting in Cirencester, Glos.

Sgt Cocking, of Cheddar, Somerset, is on trial after denying misconduct in public office over the alleged incident in Weston Super Mare on Christmas Eve 2017.

The prosecution allege his actions were 'wilful and he knew what he was doing and he was responsible for it.'

But Sgt Cocking, who told the jury he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder as a result of several tragic incidents he has dealt with as an Avon and Somerset Police officer, said the woman made all the running and he wanted none of it.

Sgt Lee Cocking outside Gloucester Crown Court where he denies misconduct in public office

He was frequently in tears as he gave evidence to the jury of nine men and three women on the sixth day of his trial.

Sgt Cocking said he had been acting inspector in Weston Super Mare that night and had attended outside the Skinny Dippers bar near Weston sea front after the 30-year-old woman fell off a bar stool and was ejected.

He said he told her to go and find her friends in another bar in the town but that if she failed to meet up with them he would give her a lift home.

As he was driving away shortly afterwards the woman flagged him down near Weston's Grand Pier so he picked her up and started to drive her to her home, he said.

Sgt Cocking said he made small talk with the woman, trying to keep off the subject of the incident at the bar. Suddenly she touched the side of his leg and he told her not to, he said.

Initially she asked to be dropped by Birnbeck Pier in Weston so she could go to a friend's house - but when they got there she then told him to go a bit further but then suddenly started shouting for him to stop, he said.

The officer told the court: 'I pulled up expecting her to just get out. But she was leaning in towards me, with her head forward. I would describe her lips as puckered as though she was leaning in to kiss me.

'I had done nothing to cause that. There had been no flirtation or anything like that. 

Avon and Somerset Police (HQ pictured here) is the police force to which Sgt Cocking serves 

'I noticed it looked as if she had pulled her trousers down a little bit. I remember seeing the tops of her thighs.

'She started saying that she wanted me to f*** her. I responded immediately 'No, I've got a family.' I said I would get in trouble and I could not risk it.

'She said she could just tell the police that I tried it on with her or that I tried to pull her trousers down. I don't know if she meant that as a threat.'

Sgt Cocking went on, adding 'I have never been in a position like that before. '

He said his mind had become irrational and he felt 'in a complete muddle.'

He kept pleading with her to get out of the car and go to her friends but she said she had changed her mind and wanted him to take her home, he added,

As they went past a layby she shouted for him to pull over and he did - and when he looked at her he saw that she had pulled her trousers down.

He told the jury she was sitting with her head towards the passenger window so he could see her bare backside.

Weston Super Mare in Somerset is where the alleged incident occurred on Christmas Eve 2017

Sgt Cocking told the court: 'I said "No" and I was clear. She knew I was saying No. I kept telling her I had a family, that I had a wife, that I was working, that I would lose my job. I kept repeating that over and over again.'

Eventually, after a few minutes, he drove away and her demeanour changed from 'loud and crude' to 'completely calm', he said. She gave him directions to her home and he pulled up outside expecting her to get out.

But she was still in a state of undress with her trousers around her knees and she again started to ask for sex, he told the court.

'We were outside her parents house in full view. She said she wanted to be dirty, that she felt naughty. Again, I kept saying to her that I couldn't do it, I was trying to placate her,' the officer added.

'She was saying "Let's just do it here, what's wrong with you?" She was insistent that she wanted to have sex in that car outside the house.'

He said she then asked to be driven up the road away from the house and he pulled in by a gate.

Sgt Cocking said: 'She forced herself on me. She just launched herself across the car. I didn't see that coming, even after all that.'

He said she had got one leg out of her trousers and she got on top of him, straddling him with one leg either side.

She was pressing so hard that his stomach was hurting, he said and that she grabbed his penis. 

'I was just mentally frozen,' he sobbed. 'I was so tense. It was like an out of body experience. ' 

'She couldn't get anywhere with me because I wanted no part of it so she just flung herself back across the car into the passenger seat and her first words were 'Fine, take me home.'

'I felt relieved but I also felt violated, I felt horrible.'

'I had put myself in that position but I had done nothing to ask for it, I didn't want it. I was in a state of shock.'

He said when she got out of the car outside her house she collected her shoes, bag and phone from the car and handed him a piece of paper with her name and phone number on it.

'Her parting words were 'I suppose you're going back to your wife now,' ' he said. 'That was it, I didn't say anything.'

The trial continues.

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