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Married man suffers years of abuse from crazed stalker after 'Thai cupid' dating site fling

A Thai woman orchestrated a sick campaign of abuse against a married Australian man she met on a dating website after he failed to divorce his wife and get her a visa.

Thanyaras Siriphanuruk, 40, threatened, stalked and extorted her online lover - and even sent vile pictures of his daughter's face edited onto pornographic images to the little girl's school.

In a sustained campaign of harassment after the man failed to start a new life for her in Australia, Siriphanuruk sent hundreds of bizarre and often violent emails.

The sinister emails, which threatened to 'kidnap and rape' his wife and two children, were concocted to look like one of the man's ex-lovers - a Filipino prostitute called Lori - had sent them.

She was found guilty of extortion, stalking and producing and distributing child porn, the West Australian reported.  

Thanyaras Siriphanuruk, 40, (pictured) committed a litany of bizarre offences against her lover, his ex-wife and their child after meeting the Australian man on a dating site

The two met on the matchmaking site 'Thai Cupid' towards the end of 2016, but the jilted lover's disturbing pattern of behaviour didn't begin until two years later, the District Court of Western Australia heard. 

Siriphanuruk and the Padbury man were soon involved in a long-distance relationship and often met up between Perth and Singapore.

But she had been under the impression her online fling would soon become more official, hoping he would finalise his divorce and make a fresh start with her.

As time went on the court heard Siriphanuruk became increasingly irate when he did not follow through on leaving his wife.

The man's wife started to receive hundreds of disturbing emails in July 2018, threatening sexual violence and death.

It was revealed during the trial that the wave of emails were sent by Siriphanuruk using a series of fake email addresses impersonating another of the man's previous girlfriends - Lori the Filipino prostitute.

The unhinged stalker continued the ruse by offering to help the man stop the flood of threats levelled at his family.

Siriphanuruk (pictured) had been under the impression her online fling would soon result in happiness - believing he would finalise his divorce and make a fresh start with her

Siriphanuruk claimed to know a powerful contact within the Thai military that might be able track down where the emails were coming from.

Shortly after he received texts from a person identifying themselves as a member of the Thai Defence Force called 'Angus C'.

The court heard this was actually Siriphanuruk continuing to toy with the man. 

His wife was so fed up with the online abuse she left Australia and moved to Europe in September 2018. 

At around the same time a text from 'Angus C' said that Lori had been arrested and then the abusive messages stopped. 

The Thai woman who met a married man on a dating website has been found guilty of stalking, extortion and producing child porn by editing photos of his daughter and cropping them onto X-rated images

The man then ended the affair with Siriphanuruk and told her he would no longer facilitate a partner visa for her.

Soon after, his young daughter became the target - with images showing her face edited  onto pornographic photographs sent to the her school, its principal and even the canteen. 

The court heard messages then came through demanding $10,000 or else similar pictures would be released again. 

Siriphanuruk's lawyer Jonathan Davies had argued his client's computer was hacked and that the emails could have been sent anyone. 

She will be sentenced on May 20.

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