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Married at First Sight UK: Megan Wolfe says Alexis Conomoux gave her go ahead to kiss her husband

Married at First Sight UK viewers were left divided after Megan Wolfe accused Alexis Conomoux  of giving her the go ahead to kiss her husband behind her back - a claim which she strongly denied.

Megan, who wed husband Robert Voysey on the E4 programme, was revealed to have kissed fellow star Alexis' husband Jordon Mundell at the first dinner party of the series.

But after Alexis' relationship with Jordan broke down, she decided to return to the reality TV show with Ant Poole, whose ex-wife Nikita Jasmine, 26, was axed from the series after she broke E4's code of conduct and exploded at fellow cast members. 

However, during tonight's show, when the experts decided to separate the participants and send them on a girls' and boys' day out, heated words were exchanged between Megan and Alexis at the prosecco picnic. 

'I am sick of paying for a mistake,' said Megan. 'A mistake which you championed before it happened Alexis. You might as well have got your cheerleader pom-poms out.'

Alexis replied: 'I did not give you the go ahead to go and kiss your husband,' with Megan chiming in: 'It was your idea!' 

After calling her a 'liar,' Alexis - who previously told Megan she was Jordan's type - continued: 'The words go and kiss Jordan never left my mouth so don't ever sit here and say I told you to kiss Jordan.'  

Married at First Sight UK viewers were left divided after Megan Wolfe (pictured) accused Alexis of giving her the go ahead to kiss her husband behind her back - a claim which she strongly denied

And viewers were left divided over the truth, with one writing: 'Wait, so to her face Meghan said you gave permission and behind her back admits she was not given the green light.'

A second noted: 'Didn't Megan just say to Alexis that she told her to go ahead and kiss Jordon?! Yet when Alexis got up, she said to the others, "Did she say go and kiss him? No". So why lie about it in the first place?! Like, does she even remember what she says.'

A third added: 'How is Megan acting like the victim pls ???

However, others defended Megan - noting that Alexis had effectively done the same. 

'I'm so confused. Alexis was flirting with Ant while he was 'married', Megan kissed Jordan while he was 'married' to Alexis...who cares,' wrote one, while a second added: 'Tbf Alexis did go up to Megan at the dinner party and start explaining how Megan is exactly her husbands type. What f** was that. She needs to pipe down.' 

After calling Megan a 'liar,' Alexis (pictured) explained how the words 'go and kiss Jordan' never left her mouth

At the beginning of the episode, the expert explained her thought process behind the boys' and girls' day out and commented: 'In this experiment our couples have been close to spending 24 hours a day together.

'So we feel it's important for them to have some time away from each other to gain perspective on heir relationship. The boys' and girls' day out is the ideal opportunity for them to do that. It'll also give them an invaluable chance to support each other in the process.'

However, the day didn't go quite as smoothly, with Alexis bringing up the touchy subject of the kiss over brunch.

'Megan...I wanted to have a chat with you,' Alexis began. 'I have to speak my truth. I don't trust you. I feel like how the commitment ended definitely wasn't fair on me.'

'Obviously I knew about the kiss, but then you went into detail about the conversation you and Jordan had. That was a shock for me. Yes, me and Jordan weren't romantic but it's so s*** for me to hear. 

After walking off, Alexis was comforted by some of the other participants (pictured)

In response, Megan replied: 'You preach about girl power. As a woman who says it's important to empower other women, I do not think, at the point we were at then, where I was in a venerable position, I don't think that was the time to stick the knife in.'

Alexis added: 'When were on the sofa and I'm asked the question, I then have to speak my truth. I never made any mistakes here. All I've ever done in this whole experience is be open and be very honest.' 

Megan, who said she was 'sick of paying for a mistake,' replied: 'Yeah, and I think you know that's exactly what I've done.'  

In a previous episode after Alexis reentered the experimenting holding Alexis' hand, Megan and Alexis chat through the situation and agreed to part the discussion without holding any grudges.   

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