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Manson the Boston terrier is baffled when his ball won't move because it is frozen to the ground

This is the adorable moment Manson the Boston terrier is baffled when his ball won't budge because it is frozen to the ground.

Footage shows the excitable pooch trying to grab the stuck tennis ball with his mouth before scratching around its sides more than 50 times in Saskatoon, Canada.

Owner Kimberly Brown filmed the hound's encounter with the toy in her backyard after a snowfall on Thursday last week. 

Manson the Boston terrier, pictured pawing at his tennis ball, was baffled when the toy would not move because it was frozen to the ground

Adorable footage shows the excitable hound clasping the ball between its jaws before pawing at it more than 50 times

A charming video shows the dog clasping his jaws around the frozen plaything, in a determined move to pick it up, before standing back in shock.

Not to be put off, Manson then starts scratching at the ball in an attempt to move it.

The 32-second clip then shows the pup paw at the ball more than 50 times as he tries to kick off playtime.

A layer of snow is seen carpeting the lawn around Manson in the video.

At this time of year the temperature rarely gets above 41F (5C) with lows of -12F (-24C), according to meteorological website Weather Spark.

Manson's encounter with the frozen plaything was filmed by owner Kimberly Brown at home in Saskatoon, Canada, where temperatures can drop to -12F (-24C)

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