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Man's hack reveals how to seal the carton properly to keep food fresh 

A man has shared a clever hack for keeping cereal fresh in the box in an amusing TikTok video. 

Nathan Fairbrother left his followers amazed when he revealed that all Australians had probably been closing the boxes wrong, and shared his trick for doing it the right way. 

Rather than slotting the tab into the perforated slot, the clever folding trick will keep air out of the packet and make sure the contents stay fresher for longer.  

A genius hack for folding a cereal box (pictured) in a way that will keep the top sealed was shared on social media platform TikTok but the footage has divided opinion 

TikTok user Nathan Fairbrother posted a video demonstrating the what he said was the best way to fold a cereal box (pictured)

In the footage Fairbrother starts by folding the side panels down into the box along with the horizontal cardboard panel with the slit in it. 

From there, the sides of the box are folded inwards and pressed together.

The video was shared around social media with many users thankful for the hack.

'Didn't know that, but then again the box would be empty at one sitting. Five kids,' one user wrote. 

'I did this for the first time recently and it works better than just the tabs,' another added. 

'I tried this and it works. It works better than inserting into flap. No longer need containers,' a third replied. 

But not everyone was as pleased with the video. 

'I love it when people come up with more convoluted ways of doing everyday tasks to make life that bit harder,' one person wrote. 

'Yeah still rolling it up and jamming it down in the box. But cool video,' another added. 

At the end of the video the TikTok user shows the cereal box perfectly sealed however some users said they would still be using their own tried and true methods

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