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Man learns wife was cheating on him after she tried to protect her lover after a car crash in Mexico

A man learned his wife was having an affair after she attempted to cover for her boyfriend following a car accident in Mexico.

The husband uncovered Edna’s cheating ways when her lover’s vehicle overturned after it was cut off by another car on a highway in Saltillo, Coahuila, on Sunday morning.

According to Mexican news outlet RCG Media, Edna lied to the police at the scene and informed them that she was the only person in the vehicle to protect her boyfriend Raúl from being arrested since the car did not have its license plates.

A woman identified as Edna is tended to moments after she and her boyfriend where involved in an accident on a highway in Coahuila, Mexico, on Sunday. According to news outlet RCG Media, Edna's affair with her boyfriend Raúl, the driver of the vehicle, was discovered when her husband arrived at the scene of the crash

Edna (second from right) is helped out by paramedics in the northeast Mexican city of Saltillo moments after the married woman was involved in an accident with her boyfriend, whose vehicle hit a highway median divider after it was cut off by another car on Sunday

Cops investigating the accident discovered that Edna was lying and placed Raul under arrest for the vehicle infraction.

After obtaining the contact information of their family members, the cops called Edna’s home to arrange her transportation back. However, her husband answered the call and showed up at the scene of the crash.

The couple argued after the jilted husband discovered his wife’s infidelities. Both men nearly came to blows before the police intervened.

Despite lying to the police, Edna eventually was allowed to go home with her husband and family members while Raúl was placed under arrest.

A woman in the northeastern Mexican city of Saltillo had her extramarital affair uncovered after she tried to protect her boyfriend by telling the police that she was behind the wheels of the vehicle that flipped over on a highway Sunday

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