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Man jumped into river with cocaine and heroin stash to evade police

This is the bizarre moment a drug dealer jumped into a river with a stash of drugs to get away from police - only to be fished out by officers moments later.

The video shows the dealer legging it from police after they tracked him down dealing Class A drugs near the River Cam in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.  

Body camera footage shows Finn O'Neill, 23, being approached by a police officer on a bike before running away and leaping into the river.

Body camera footage shows Finn O'Neill, 23, leaping into the River Cam to try and get away from the police officer 

The man was trying to get away from the officer with a £700 stash of cocaine and heroin.

After the officer approached the two men on his bike, he is heard asking: 'Alright lads, what you up to?' Before telling the dealer to 'relax'. 

O'Neill then scrambles to his feet and heads straight for the water and splashed around trying to keep his wraps of cocaine and heroin above water.

But he was fished out moments later after he begins struggling to keep himself afloat.  

He was then helped out by officers and arrested for drug supply.  

The officer approached on his bike at around 12.56pm on September 18, and O'Neill was sentenced last month to two years in prison, suspended for 24 months.        

Huntingdonshire Police took to their Facebook page after the sentencing to share a comical post about the incident which was full of water-based puns.

The post read: 'This was the moment that 23-year-old County Line Drug Dealer Finn O'Neill knew he'd made an eely big mistake.

'On September 18, 2020, officers from the Neighbourhood Support Team in Cambridge had been herring about some drug dealing going on near the river on Fen Road.

'They borrowed a bike from a member of the public, and spotted an opporTUNAty to mussel in on it.

O'Neill was fished out by an officer and his £700 worth of cocaine and heroin were left floating in the river, which another officer swam in to get 

'They approached O'Neill, who resisted Police and decided that the best Plaice for him to be was in the river itself.

'He jumped in and whilst floundering around was lobstering wraps of crack cocaine and heroin in the river.

'He was promptly fished out by the officers, and arrested for drug supply.

'O'Neill was confident he had got away with it, however he met his Nemo-sis in the NST officers, as they spotted the precious cargo floating off down the river.

'One of the officers unshellfishley made the decision to jump in the river and crab the evidence. Thank cod the drugs had floated to the surface and not sunk.

'It was a fintastic result, with multiple wraps of crack cocaine and heroin, and over £700 of the proceeds of drug supply being recovered.

'On Thursday, November 19, O'Neill pleaded guilty to Possession with Intent to Supply Crack Cocaine and Possession with Intent to Supply Heroin.' 

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