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Man googled how to drive a Ferrari before he crashed the sports car and killed his passenger

A man high on meth Googled 'how to drive a Ferrari' before he stole the car and left his female passenger to die after crashing it. 

Philip Karel Nemec, 38, came across the $500,000 sports car parked outside of a cafe in Western Perth on May 2019 before noticing the keys were in the ignition. 

But after finding when he couldn't shift through the gears of the Ferrari 360 he searched YouTube for help.  

Philip Karel Nemec, 38, was jailed for 10 years after he stole a Ferrari and led police on a short chase that ended when he crashed into a roadside barrier and killed his 40-year-old friend

Nemec drove off in the car before he picked up his 40-year-old friend and lead police on a short chase. 

He crashed in roadside barrier, causing the car's fuel tank to explode and the car to burst into flames, The West Australian reported. 

He managed to escape the blaze but his female victim, who was not identified, couldn't undo her four-point seat belt and perished in the flames.

Footage filmed moments before the crash showed Nemec on the wrong side of the road before he accelerated through a red light and crashed at 69kph.

The court heard Nemec did not have a licence when he decided to steal the Ferrari.

He was also found to have enough amphetamine and methamphetamine in his system to render him completely unable to drive a car. 

Nemec did not have a licence at the time of the crash and had enough amphetamine and methamphetamine in his system to render him completely unable to drive a car

Justice Michael Corboy sentenced Nemec to 10 years and six months on Tuesday after 38-year-old previously pleaded guilty to manslaughter and stealing the car. 

Nemec had previously described the crash as 'the biggest mistake of his life'. 

In his sentencing remarks Justice Corboy said the victim's mother was haunted by how her daughter died and who described her as a gentle woman who struggled with mental illness.  

Justice Corboy said it was an example of the potential consequences of driving a vehicle while under the influence of methamphetamine.

'There can be no doubt your driving was so dangerous, so grossly negligent, as to justify a charge of unlawful killing,' he said.

'Predictably, but tragically, you lost control of the vehicle.'

Justice Corboy noted that Nemec was genuinely remorseful for his actions and he had a struggled with substance abuse. 

With time served, Nemec will be first eligible for parole in November 2027 after spending eight years and six months behind bars.

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