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London underground: Passenger casually 'puffs on a CIGARETTE'

This is the moment a man appears to smoke a cigarette on a London underground carriage in front of horrified passengers.

Video footage showed the man reclining on his seat on the Piccadilly Line with what appears to be a cigarette in his hand.

Another passenger filmed the man as he appeared to lift the cigarette to his lips before exhaling a puff of smoke in the confined space.

Others people in the carriage wore masks as required under Covid rules, but the man is not wearing a face covering in the clip.

Video footage appeared to show the man reclining on his seat on the Piccadilly Line with a cigarette in his hand

Another passenger filmed the man as he seemed to brazenly lift the cigarette to his mouth before exhaling in the confined space

It is thought the smoker was filmed on January 15. The clip, which was shared on social media, has since gained more than 31,140 views. 

One person said: 'If only I was there..... I'd give a disapproving sigh before moving to another carriage.'

Another person added: 'Can't believe everyone looking and not saying anything.'

Someone else wrote: 'What a MORON!!! SHAMEFUL!!!!'

It is not known if any arrests have been made.

Smoking on the London Underground has been banned since 1984, and yields a maximum fine of £1000 for those committing the offence, as stated on TFL's website. 

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