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London life! Househunters share their hilarious stories searching for a flat

From rat-infested flats to showers in the living room, househunters have taken to social media to reveal their most outrageous experiences with estate agents. 

Paul Lang, who lives in London, shared his hilarious story about searching for a new home on Twitter.

In a now-viral tweet, he revealed the estate agent forgot his keys at a flat viewing, before proceeding to describe the house and asking if he still wanted to let the home.

Other social media users were left in stitches over the story, with many going on to share their own ridiculous tales from property searches.

Househunters have been taking to Twitter to share their shocking encounters with estate agents (pictured, stock image) 

Social media user Paul Lang, from London, left many stunned after revealing his encounter with a forgetful estate agent 

Paul tweeted on Saturday: 'Five years on and I still wonder if the guy who took us to view a flat, forgot the keys, described it to us while we all stared at the locked front door....

'Then said “So, do you think you’re going to be making an offer?” is still working as a letting agent.'

The tweet went on to be liked over 56.2k times, and many social media users went on to reveal their own stories of woe with exaggerating estate agents. 

One wrote: 'I had one that insisted the shower in the living room was London life when I first moved here.  

After Paul's revelation, social media users were inspired to share their own outrageous encounters with estate agents 

'He may have been right, I would prefer to shower with Netflix on.'

Another added: 'Friends moved to London, went to a letting agency looking for a flat. 

'[They said] "our only conditions are: above ground, no rats, double glazing". Letting agent, serious: "Well this is London, you'll have to accept compromises". As in, plural.'

One penned: 'Was shown a studio in a property in Brighton, deposit paid. Moving day, the keys wouldn't work.

'I was shown the wrong one. The studio I was given keys to was the vacant one, which was a quarter of the size - leaving me with nowhere to live.' 

From fibs about Victorian features to agents late for their viewings, the stories are hilarious