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'Lolita Express' pilot says Jeffrey Epstein introduced him to victim 'Jane' in the cockpit

Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' pilot has taken the stand as the prosecution's witness in Day 2 of Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking trial.

Larry Visoski, Epstein's chief pilot who flew the pedophile financier for more than 25 years, said he was introduced to Minor Victim 1 - known by the pseudonym 'Jane' - in the cockpit of the 'Lolita Express' in the mid to late 90s. 

'Mr. Epstein brought her to the cockpit. She had piercing powder blue eyes,' Visoski said. 

Maxwell's attorney Christian Everdell asked, 'And beyond the striking blue eyes, you have said she had large breasts, right?' 

Visoski answered that she was 'a mature woman.'  

When asked if he remembers Virginia Roberts, Visoski replied, 'Yes. A shorter woman with dirty blonde hair.' 

'She didn't look young. I mean, whatever you decipher is the definition of young. But she was a woman in my category,' he added.  

Visoski said: 'I never saw any sexual activity, no,' but admitted that he could not see everything that went on.      

Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' pilot has taken the stand as the prosecution's witness in Day 2 of Ghislaine Maxwell's trial

Larry Visoski, Epstein's chief pilot who flew the pedophile financier for more than 25 years, said Maxwell 'was the Number 2' and that 'Epstein was the big Number 1' when asked about their relationship

Pictured: Visoski in the cockpit of Epstein's Gulfstream G550 - another one of his private aircraft

Maxwell, 59, who is accused of procuring underage girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is on trial for sex trafficking charges. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges 

Maxwell entered the Manhattan courtroom Tuesday morning wearing a cream sweater, black slacks and looked on as Visoski was questioned. 

He said Maxwell 'was the Number 2' and that 'Epstein was the big Number 1' when asked about their relationship.

Visoski confirmed that President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Kevin Spacey were all aboard his flights. Visoski added that he was asked to clean up after Clinton's flight.  

When asked how many other assistants Epstein had in addition to Maxwell, he replied that there were many, identifying Maxwell's own assistants. 

Ghislaine Maxwell faces up to 80 years in prison if found guilty. This photo was entered into evidence yesterday

He specifically named Sarah Kellen - who has been accused of playing a pivotal role in Epstein's empire: procuring girls, coaching them and acting as a 'lieutenant' to Maxwell.  

Visoski was also asked to identify parts of Epstein's 10,000-acre Zorro Ranch in New Mexico where airplanes were parked. 

He said he would often go to the main residence to pick up luggage and help install electronics. Visoski said he performed similar tasks on Epstein's private Caribbean island Little St. James and would also fly the helicopter to the island from nearby St. Thomas. 

He added that the island could also be reach by boat.

Visoski first took the stand Monday following opening statements. 

Asked what he had made of Epstein's relationship to Ghislaine Maxwell, he said it was 'more personal than business', but added: 'I wouldn't characterize it as romantic.'

Visoski said he had been hired in 1991 and had flown Epstein around roughly 'every four days'. The pilot was so close to his boss that his daughter was reportedly married at Epstein's New Mexico ranch. 

The pilot captained Epstein's Boeing 727 jet - known infamously as the 'Lolita Express' - just one of several private aircraft which prosecutors believe was used to shuttle underage girls between Epstein's residences in New York and Palm Beach. 

Sarah Kellen is accused of playing a pivotal role in Jeffrey Epstein's predatory empire: procuring girls, coaching them on how to pleasure the warped financier and acting as a 'lieutenant' to his alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell (pictured together in 2005) 

When asked if he remembers Virginia Roberts, Visoski replied, 'Yes. A shorter woman with dirty blonde hair'

Visoski described the interior of Epstein's New York mansion in detail, as photos of the properties around the world where abuse is alleged to have taken place were displayed for the jury.

Epstein used his private jet – nicknamed the Lolita Express because of some of the alleged underage passengers – to fly himself, high-powered friends, including Bill Clinton, and a parade of young women.

Last year, it emerged flight logs for all of Epstein's private aircraft had been subpoenaed, sparking fears among celebrities who had partied with the pedophile.

The attorney general in the Virgin Islands where he owned a private island has reportedly demanded to see the logs.

Victims have since claimed Epstein had a large bed installed on the jet where guests had group sex with young girls, fulfilling their warped fantasies.

In 2015, victim Virginia Giuffre Roberts filed a lawsuit against the billionaire, claiming he recruited her as a 'sex slave' at the age of 15, sexually abusing her for years on his private jet as well as his various homes in New York, New Mexico, Florida, and the US Virgin Islands.

A 2019 report claimed court filings showed that Epstein sold the Lolita Express weeks before his arrest on July 6 that year.

Huff and Darren Indyke, a lawyer and co-executor of Epstein's estate, were both contacted for comment by MailOnline.

Protesters gathered outside the courthouse holding signs depicting Epstein's private jet dubbed the 'Lolita Express' that carried high-profile individuals, including Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton

Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein's 'partner in crime' who 'targeted young girls for sexual abuse', the prosecution has claimed in a blistering opening statement as the trial of Maxwell got underway on Monday where the 59-year-old is facing sex trafficking charges. Pictured: Assistant U.S. Attorney Lara Pomerantz points at Maxwell during opening statements 

Maxwell denies sex trafficking and other charges and has been awaiting trial for over a year in 'hell-hole' Brooklyn prison. In this courtroom sketch, Ghislaine Maxwell enters the courtroom escorted by U.S. Marshalls at the start of her trial, Monday, Nov. 29, 2021, in New York

The six charges against Ghislaine Maxwell: 


Conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts (5 years max sentence)  

 Enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts (20 years)

Conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity (20 years)

Transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity (10 years minimum, life maximum)

Sex Trafficking Conspiracy

Sex Trafficking of a Minor 

Ghislaine Maxwell also faces two charges of perjury but those counts are due to be tried after her sex crimes trial. 

The charges relate to testimony she gave in 2016 in a defamation case filed against her by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre.  


Prosecutors say Maxwell groomed three girls between 1994 and 1997 for Epstein. 

They are not named in the indictment, but she allegedly targeted them in London, Florida, New York and New Mexico.

Maxwell, it is alleged, would befriend the girls by asking them about their life and their schooling. She would put them at ease by taking them to the movies and taking them shopping, winning their trust to later deliver them to Epstein, it's alleged.

To 'normalize' the abuse that would come later, prosecutors say she undressed in front of the girls herself and asked them sexual questions. 

She then not only facilitated Epstein abusing them, prosecutors say, but took part in some of it herself. 

The alleged sex abuse includes 'sexualized group massages'. 

The indictment also says Maxwell made the girl feel 'indebted' to Epstein by encouraging them to take money from him and let him pay for their education and travel. 

Visoski's testimony was given on the first day of Ghislaine Maxwell's trial on sex trafficking charges in Manhattan's Federal Court House yesterday.

The British socialite was Epstein's 'second in command' and lured vulnerable teenagers for him to assault, a jury in New York heard.

The courtroom was packed as Maxwell's trial on sex trafficking charges got under way, with observers queuing in the freezing cold from 5am to guarantee a seat. They were silent throughout as lurid claims against Epstein's alleged madam were aired.

Maxwell herself listened intently throughout the first day of the trial, occasionally scribbling in a notebook and turning to look at her sister, as Assistant US Attorney Lara Pomerantz accused her of 'heinous crimes'.

The prosecutor warned the jury that some of the evidence they will hear over the course of the six-week trial may make them uncomfortable.

But, after hearing it, she added, they would 'reach the only verdict possible – that Ghislaine Maxwell is guilty'. 

Miss Pomerantz accused Maxwell of being one half of a powerful couple with Epstein, devising a sick 'pyramid scheme of abuse'.

Ghislaine Maxwell was Epstein's 'partner in crime who put girls at ease and promised them the world before serving them up to be sexually abused', prosecution claims in blistering opening statement 

Ghislaine Maxwell's sister and one of her sex trafficking accusers were seen leaving the Manhattan courthouse Monday after the first day of the British socialite and billionaire financier's trial. 

Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein's 'partner in crime' who 'targeted young girls for sexual abuse', the prosecution alleges.

Sarah Ransome, one of several women who have accused Epstein and Maxwell of sexual abuse, departed the court on Monday evening after being escorted by security. She was photographed with a stern expression, before entering a taxi cab.

Maxwell's sister, Isabel Maxwell, also appeared at the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse on Monday. She was swarmed by cameras as she exited the building.

Meanwhile, a jury of seven women and five men heard Monday afternoon how Maxwell allegedly went after girls as young as 14 with 'difficult home lives', often daughters of single mothers, and would 'promise them the world'. 

'[Maxwell] put them at ease...all so they could be molested by a middle-aged man,' said Assistant U.S. Attorney Lara Pomerantz. 'There were times when she was in the room when it happened.'

Maxwell, wearing a cashmere turtleneck, black pants and black low-heeled shoes, appeared relaxed and smiled behind her white mask as she walked into the courtroom ahead of opening statements.  

Pomerantz began the dramatic presentation with the line, 'I want to tell you about a young girl named Jane,' adding that 'Jane' - a pseudonym for the victim - was introduced to a man and a women at camp, who said they were donors. 

'What Jane didn't know then is that man and woman were predators,' Pomerantz said. 'Who was that woman targeting young girls for sexual abuse? It was the defendant: Ghislaine Maxwell.'  

Maxwell, 59, is charged with recruiting and grooming four underage girls for Epstein from 1994 to 2004. He died by suicide in 2019 in a Manhattan jail cell before he could be tried on sex abuse charges. 

She faces up to 80 years behind bars if found guilty. 

Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein's 'partner in crime' who 'targeted young girls for sexual abuse', the prosecution claimed in a blistering opening statement