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Liverpool mother took her own life just hours after video showing her playing in garden with kids

A young mother-of-two took her own life just hours after sharing a video of her laughing and playing with her young children.

Jade Roberts, 26, from Knotty Ash, Liverpool, had shared footage of her and her children playing in the garden hours before leaving her last words to loved ones.

Her heartbroken family described her as 'an unbelievable mother' to her two sons, who are aged one and two.

Ms Roberts's cousin Karl Thomas, 33, said she 'would do anything for anyone' and had 'a heart of gold.'

The young mother suffered from anxiety and relatives say they were unaware of the true extent of her battle with mental health until her passing.

Jade Roberts (above) was 26 when she tragically died in April, just hours after sending a giggly video of her and her young children to family members

A few hours before her death in April, Karl said Ms Roberts had sent him a video of herself playing with her children in the garden. 

Although she wasn't pictured in the shot, Ms Roberts can be heard laughing in the background as her young boys, aged one and two, spent time outside.

Her cousin Karl described her as an 'unbelievable mother' who spent every minute of her day dedicated to her children.

Ms Roberts' family has chosen to share her story in order to raise awareness of ill mental health, and encourage others not to suffer in silence.  

Karl said: 'She had all the people around her in the world but it just shows you, you can be surrounded by people and still feel alone.

'It's so important that people do talk about how they are feeling instead of bottling things up.

'There need to be more platforms for people to do this I think, now more than ever.

'People have always been suffering but I think now it's coming from all angles and you're hearing about it more and more.'   

The young mother from Liverpool was described as an 'unbelievable' parent to her two young boys, shown

Describing the young mother's impact on her children, Karl continued: 'They are very happy and loving, and it speaks volumes of the person she was because kids are a blank canvas at the end of the day.

'She genuinely had the biggest heart of gold. She would do anything for anybody.

'She was always more worried about other people and tried to sort out other people's problems.

'Maybe that came from knowing how they felt and she didn't want people feeling that way.'

A fundraising page set up by Ms Roberts' friend, Madina Wady, has already raised more than £11,000 to support her two children.

Karl said the family had been 'blown away' by the support they have received since the death.

A message on the fundraising page reads: 'As we all know mental [ill] health is becoming more and more common in every day life, it is nothing to be ashamed of it is affecting most of us daily.

'This page is to raise money for a beautiful soul who battled so hard through her own pain and mental health until she couldn't take anymore.

'Her beautiful boys are two little pieces of Jade that everyone will cherish and treasure but they sadly don't have their beautiful mommy anymore.

'Whatever funds are raised for the boys can be put away for them or go towards little treats and days out just to put a smile on their little faces.

'And to anyone suffering please don't suffer in silence - don't let Jade's passing be in vain.'

If you need to talk to someone, call the Samaritans free 24-hour hotline on 116 123 

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