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Listen to TripleO call as Brisbane parents battle to save young girl from drowning in miracle rescue

Hero parents at a birthday pool party made a desperate Triple-0 call as they fought to save a young girl who was pulled lifeless from the water.

Year 1 student Leenah Ali, 7, was at the party in her best friend Evie's backyard in Brisbane when she quietly sank to the bottom of the pool amid the celebrations. 

One parent, who had been supervising, leaped into the water as others called emergency services - sparking a 15-minute CPR battle that 'miraculously' restarted the young girl's heart.

The calm and collected operator talks them through the life-saving CPR process, telling them to lie the girl flat and remove anything from around her head.

'We're on the way as fast as we can, lights and sirens,' she says. 

Leenah (centre) with her best friend Evie (centre), her parents Aysha Daud and Ali Azhar (back right), Jamie Martin (cream coloured top) and the paramedics and parents who saved her life

'But we need to make sure we are doing the CPR before the paramedics get there.'  

Desperate yelling can be heard in the background. 

'This is going to help them. We need to keep pumping the chest hard and fast 30 times and then two breaths,' the operator calmly says. 

'Thirty times and two breaths, okay,' a women then replies responding to the clear instructions.

The operator tells her to count out the compressions, which she does. 

'That's a good rate keep going... they're so close just keep going,' she tells her.

After seven agonizing minutes, critical care paramedics arrived and took over the CPR.

At some point between seven and ten minutes Leenah's heart sparked to life.

Doctor's would later say the chance of this happening was about one in one hundred.

Paramedics and parents performed CPR on Leenah for 15 minutes saving her life

The little fighter has since returned to school and on Thursday met with the nine Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics and the other parents who helped save her life.

A smiling and healthy looking Leenah was presented with a QAS teddy bear as her parents Aysha Daud and Ali Azhar watched on.

'Each and every one had a hand in saving her life and I just can't thank them enough,' Ms Daud told the Courier Mail. 

'Whenever I look at her, I just thank god. I just thank god she's back with me … and I thank God that she was in good hands.'

One of those sets of hands was Jamie Martin, a 44-year-old mother, who had been at the party. 

Leenah met with paramedics on Thursday (pictured) six weeks after the pool party. She has since returned to school

'I didn't really have a chance to think about it, it was just no pulse, start compressions,' Ms Martin said.

She had learnt CPR in her job as a teacher but admits she never thought she would need to use it.

Critical care paramedic Hannah Gaulke praised those who were at the pool and helped with CPR saying that was absolutely critical in saving Leenah's life. 

'The key message out of this very emotional and heart-warming reunion is learn CPR,' Queensland Ambulance Service wrote to Facebook on Thursday.

'Without the bystanders doing such a fantastic job of CPR, we'd be telling a different story. We're incredibly proud of everyone's efforts in saving young Leenah's life.'