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Leeds bridge collapse: A64 demolition works sees 120-tonne bridge fall from crane and crush a truck

The incident took place in Regent Street, Leeds as contractors worked on the A64 bridge replacement works that will see a new £31million flyover installed in the city centre. 

A section of the newly demolished bridge managed to destroy a truck below it as concrete chunks were being moved onto the back of a specialised vehicle yesterday evening.  

The Regent Street Inner Ring Road had been closed since yesterday evening for 'bridge demolition works'. 

It is understood the 120-tonne bridge was being moved by crane when it crushed a specialised vehicle on the street below. Pictured: The scene in Regent Street, Leeds last night

The Regent Street Inner Ring Road (above) had been closed since yesterday evening for 'bridge demolition works' as part of the city's £31million flyover upgrade project

In a statement posted to Twitter this morning Leeds City Council explained a concrete chunk of the bridge had been 'safely placed onto the heavy load vehicle'

An eyewitness explained to LeedsLive: '120 tonne section of the A64 bridge replacement has just collapsed on the truck from the crane.'  

The works were due to last the next four weekends, until 5.30am on Monday June 7.

The Inner Ring Road site site was set to reopen on Monday, but pictures from this morning show the area has been fenced off. 

In a statement posted this morning, Leeds City Council said: 'Essential work to demolish and rebuild the northern section of Regent Street Flyover is currently ongoing. 

'Last night, a concrete section of the demolished bridge was being lifted onto a specialist trailer to be disposed of and recycled away from site. 

'It is now being broken up for safe removal and will be cleared from the site by lunchtime today.' 

Pictures from this morning show part of Regent Street remains fenced off and debris that has been left in the wake of the incident

Work on the Leeds Regent Street £31million flyover project began last May and is expected to last two years. Pictured: Part of the 120-tonne structure shown this morning

The council has also since confirmed there were no injuries as a result of this incident. 

Work on the Leeds Regent Street flyover project, that is estimated to cost £31million, began last May and is expected to last two years.

As part of the upgrade scheme, the 60-year-old bridge that supports the A64 Inner Ring Road over the A61 Regent Street will need to be demolished.  

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