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Kmart worker reveals in TikTok video mind-blowing 'secrets' that will change the way you shop

A Kmart employee has given the inside scoop on how savvy shoppers snare the best bargains at the popular discount department store chain.

Sydney woman Georgia Cook, 23, posted a TikTok video to share her secrets on what shoppers should do if they're having trouble finding what they need in store, along with an extraordinary confession.

'We give a 20 per cent or more if something is damaged, just ask,' Ms Cook claims. 

Kmart Georgia Cook (pictured) explained why you should always be nice to store staff

Fellow Kmart workers were quick to dispute the discount amount, with one woman saying her store only offered a five per cent discount for damaged items.

'All Kmarts are different for damaged items, that's what we do with ours,' she replied, before clarifying: 'It's more if you accidentally bring a damaged item up and you still want it, you can ask for a discount.' 

The young Kmart employee then admits in the clip: 'Half the workers don't know where stuff is either.' 

She goes on to explain why you should always be pleasant to staff, who will be more willing to help.

'If you ask if something is out of stock we will say yes if you're rude and arrogant,' she claims. 'So be nice.'

Georgia posted a TikTok video to lift the lid on how shoppers can snare the best bargains

Ms Cook isn't the first employee to lift the lid on snaring the best bargains at Kmart.

Former employee Rita Kaminski posted a YouTube video last year to reveal what she learned while working at a Sydney store for four years in her teens. 

She recommended visiting the store on a regular basis or finding a friend who works at Kmart to keep an eye on whenever stock drops in price.

'A lot of the stock will always change in price,' she said.

Georgia Cook's TikTok video has since attracted more than 341,000 online views

'If it's something that isn't in the catalogue but it has been in the store for a long time, especially clothes, they can sometimes go in sale for as little as $1.'

How can you score further bargains?

*Try to shop during the week between the hours of 8-5pm. This is when the full-time and very experienced staff members are working, so they are more able to answer your questions.

*According to Rita, the clothing, books and makeup sections have the biggest and best markdowns.

*Markdowns are at their peak after Christmas and Easter.

*If the garment is tarnished you can ask for a refund.

*And if you need moving day boxes you can ask your local Kmart for some because there are 'plenty at the back'. 

It's important to check the product barcode before buying it - particularly if you're looking at an upgraded model an item.

For shoppers who think they're missed out on an item, Ms Kaminski revealed it's always worth asking as there is always extra stock that exists in storage, particularly in electronics

If you're looking for advice and discounted, the best time to go is weekday business hours when the knowledgeable full-time employees are rostered on. 

'The best bargains are right after Christmas and after Easter. 

'In between campaign periods like 'Back To School' they would mark things down because it's not as busy but a lot of the times, quite randomly, they will slash the prices of a bulk number of books, clothes or appliances,' Ms Kaminski said.

'It's usually when a newer model/garment has been updated, fixed or isn't selling.'

'Half the workers don't know where stuff is either,' Georgia (pictured) admitted in the clip

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