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Kebab store owner's stunning act of generosity for Uber Eats customer

A thirsty Uber Eats customer took a chance on the kindness of their local kebab store by leaving an extraordinary request. 

In a note left on the order, the customer asked if the store could add a drink for themselves and their brothers. 

The strange request read: 'If possible, please add a drink for me and my brothers, thank you so much (I don't have enough for a drink) it is ok if you can't'.  

The bizarre Uber Eats request became a heart-warming moment for the worker, who said his manager's generosity 'made his day'

A worker at the kebab store said he was 'very willing' to fulfill the strange request, but needed to ask his manager's permission.  

To the worker's surprise the manager of the kebab shop agreed, even adding an extra two cans of drink to the order. 

'The simple act of trusting someone really made my day', said the worker. 

A debate was sparked between online commentators from Reddit who questioned if the kebab shop owner should have added the free drinks.  

One commenter said, 'Turn on the tap. Problem solved. What a scab. Paying for an Uber Eats delivery plus extra cheese, and asking for a free drink'. 

The worker replied to this Reddit user's comment saying the small shop could not tolerate this kind of request regularly but was still impressed by the generosity of his manager.    

The thirsty customer took a chance on the generosity of the kebab shop owner by requesting free drinks for added for themselves and their brothers

'I was mainly impressed by him not thinking of any excuses to reject the request'. 

Another Reddit user was impressed by the manager's decision to add the drinks. 

'Seems like a pretty nice thing for your boss to do. Maybe there is hope for human kind after all'.  

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