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Kayleigh McEnany's maskless husband gets into confrontation withTrump's favorite photographer

Kayleigh McEnany's husband was at her press briefing on Wednesday, watching her from the back of the room, and then got into a fight with President Donald Trump's favorite photographer for not wearing a face mask.

Sean Gilmartin, a professional baseball player, wore a visitor's badge but not a face covering as he watched his wife answer reporters' questions.

The White House Correspondents Association asks people to wear masks in the briefing room to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, which journalists follow even as most White House staff do not.

New York Times photographer Doug Mills pointed out the rules to Gilmartin. 

There also are signs posted throughout the briefing room asking people to wear a face mask. 

A White House staffer who was with Gilmartin said Mills: 'Kayleigh's husband?' 

Mills said he didn't recognize the pitcher, who was playing for the Tampa Bay Rays but became  a free agent on November 2.

Kayleigh McEnany's husband Sean Gilmartin Iin the yellow pullover in the back) stood at the back of her press briefing on Wednesday and got into a bickering match with New York Times photographer Doug Mills, in the foreground, about why he wasn't wearing a face mask

It's unclear why Gilmartin attended White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany's briefing and why he stood in the back

Gilmartin was not seen wearing a mask during any point of McEnany's 25 minute briefing. 

Mills has been called 'my genius photographer' by President Trump, who was so enamored of Mills' photos of him that he asked for prints.

The president also retweets favored images from Mills and has joked his only flaw is he works for The New York Times. 

It's unclear why Gilmartin was at his wife's briefing, particularly why he was standing in the back of the room. 

There is seating at the side of briefing room for White House staff and guests. Members of the press office were seated there during the briefing, also maskless.

One of those staffers present was Gilmartin's cousin Chad, who Kayleigh McEnany hired to work for her when she became White House press secretary.

Most of the press staff tested positive for COVID-19 in October when McEnany had it, including Chad Gilmartin.

White House staff and guests usually sit to the side of the briefing room during a briefing, as seen above, the first person above is Chad Gilmartin, Sean Gilmartin's cousin who works for Kayleigh McEnany

First Class Fatherhood podcast host Alec Lace shouted 'You crushed it Kayleigh' at the end of her press briefing

Kayleigh McEnany and Sean Gilmartin have one daughter Blake Avery Gilmartin

Compounding to the strangeness of the briefing, at the end of it a pro-Trump figure in attendance shouted out: 'You crushed it Kayleigh.'

That person was First Class Fatherhood podcast host Alec Lace, who was also in the White House briefing room.  

He's interviewed Eric Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Fox News host Sean Hannity, and quarterback Tom Brady - among others - about fatherhood. 

'Yes that was me who yelled 'You crushed that Kayleigh!' At today's White House Press briefing @PressSec crushed it as always. She is a First Class Mom all the way,' he tweeted after the briefing.   

McEnany and Gilmartin were married in November 2017. 

They have one daughter Blake Avery Gilmartin, who features prominently on McEnany's personal Twitter account. 

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