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Katie Price's son Harvey, 18, faces a 'critical 48 hours' in intensive care

Katie Price's son Harvey is being watched around-the-clock after he was rushed to intensive care on Sunday night.

A representative for Katie, 42, and her eldest son, 18, told MailOnline on Monday morning that 'the next 48 hours are critical'.

They said: 'This is most likely linked to the bug he had when he was rushed into hospital last week. It is not COVID-19, it is an unknown bug.

Worrying: Katie Price's son Harvey is being watched around-the-clock after he was rushed to intensive care on Sunday night

'He has had chest pains and a temperature. An extremely high temp. It was 42. You could cook an egg on him. It spiked quickly – and he’s had major problems breathing. 

Of mother-of-five Katie, the rep added: 'Katie is doing her best – it’s horrible – having a child with so many complex conditions is so tough.'

On Sunday it was reported that Katie was 'fearing the worst', due to Harvey's numerous health complications meaning he was at risk of organ failure. 

Crucial: A representative for Katie, 42, and her eldest son, 18, told MailOnline on Monday morning that 'the next 48 hours are critical'

A rep said: 'The next 48 hours are critical. Harvey just really needs to do well over the next couple of days. He is having loads of tests today and being watched around-the-clock' 

The former glamour model later took to Instagram to express her gratitude towards healthcare professionals, but is said to be 'falling apart' as doctors warned Harvey was in a 'perilous condition'.

A source told The Sun: 'Katie has been preparing herself for this moment all his life and she's been told Harvey is in a perilous condition. She's been here before, but this time it's far more serious.

'She's trying to be tough and strong, but inside she's falling apart and feels helpless. Doctors need to get his temperature down. He's in a really bad way.'

Harvey is believed to be seeking medical attention at Epsom Hospital in Surrey, and his 'devastated' mother was not permitted to stay overnight due to new visiting restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

A spokesperson for Katie had told the publication his condition is 'very dangerous'. 

The reality star wrote on Instagram alongside a sweet image of herself with Harvey: 'I can confirm Harvey is in intensive care and in the best hands.

Difficult time: A representative confirmed the teenager, 18, is at risk of organ failure after his temperature reached 42 degrees over the weekend (pictured in April)

Terror: The former glamour model, 42, later took to Instagram to express her gratitude towards healthcare professionals, but is said to be 'falling apart'

'[I'd] would like to thank the ambulance services and the hospital staff for the quick response and making him stable . X.' (sic)

Celebrity offspring Harvey has the rare genetic disorder Prader-Willi Syndrome, is partially blind due to Septo-optic dysplasia, autistic, diabetic and has an underactive thyroid.  

Katie called an ambulance for her eldest child when she noticed he was feeling unwell before he was sent to a specialist paediatric ward. 

According to the NHS, a high temperature is usually considered to be 38 degrees or above. 

Challenging: The celebrity offspring has the rare genetic disorder Prader-Willi Syndrome, among other health complications (pictured last month) 


Prader-Willi syndrome is a rare genetic condition that causes problems including constant urges to eat food, restricted growth and reduced muscle tone.

Other potential issues include learning difficulties, lack of sexual development and behavioral problems such as tantrums or stubbornness.

The rare condition, which affects one in every 15,000 children born in England, is caused by a defect on chromosome number 15 - and happens by chance.

Because there is no cure, treatment aims to manage the symptoms – with parents of sufferers urged to get their children to stick to a healthy, balanced diet.

Children with the syndrome can eat up to six times more than children of the same age – and still feel hungry.

It was first described in 1956 by Swiss doctors A Prader, A Labhart and H Willi. 

Addison's disease, also known as primary adrenal insufficiency or hypoadrenalism, is a rare disorder of the adrenal gland in which it does not produce enough cortisol or aldosterone.

MailOnline has contacted a representative for Katie for further comment.  

Last month, Harvey was seen being treated by paramedics at his mother's rented Surrey mansion while sister Princess was celebrating her 13th birthday party. 

He left his mother 'deeply concerned' when he had contracted 'a common bug', and was discharged from hospital a few days after his admission. 

Heartbreaking: Last month, Harvey was seen being treated by paramedics at his mum's rented mansion while sister Princess was celebrating her 13th birthday (pictured with his siblings)

A representative for Katie told MailOnline at the time: 'He has complex medical requirements that require close monitoring and from time to time an alert flags up.

'Katie was deeply concerned. Harvey had a temperature and presented chest pains - thankfully on this occasion his symptoms are that of picking up a common bug. 

'But Katie did fear the worst - yesterday was a highly emotional day with Princess' birthday and then the sudden decline of Harvey's health.'

The spokesperson went on to explain that the reality star would be enforcing lifestyle changes for her son, going forward.

Issues: Harvey's initial health scare is the second to affect the family last month, as Peter Andre's wife Emily recently revealed she tested positive for coronavirus (pictured in 2019)

They said: 'Katie is about to embark on a new regime with Harvey in a hope that she can reduce his weight.

'Harvey's meds leave him with an insatiable appetite - Katie is constantly battling! But now, with the help of a specialist, Katie hopes to be able to help maintain Harvey's weight for the immediate future.

The current global health crisis has also left the mother-of-five terrified over the past months about both her son and her mother Amy, who has cancer.

'Katie has been living in fear that COVID-19 could strike both Harvey and indeed her own mother at any time,' the insider went on. 

'Both have to maintain precautions despite the government lifting lockdown regulations. 

Estranged: Katie shares Harvey with ex Dwight Yorke, who she split from by the time she gave birth (pictured in 2001)


Fevers – when the body's internal temperature stays above 37.8C (100F) – are normally harmless and fade within days.

But if body temperature persists above 42C (108F) it can cause lasting brain damage, paediatricians warn.

However, it's 'very rare for the body temperature to climb this high', according to medics at Seattle Children's Hospital.

Fevers are most commonly caused by coughs and colds but can also be triggered by kidney infections, tonsillitis and heat stroke.

Body temperature regulation is 'a challenge' for Prader-Willi syndrome sufferers, such as Harvey Price, one charity says.

The Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (PWSA) says patients with the genetic condition 'have difficulty maintaining the proper body'.

The condition – thought to affect one in every 15,000 children born in England – impacts the functioning of the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus acts as the body's thermostat and controls internal temperature, according to Harvard Medical School experts.

Raising the body's internal temperature is the body's nature defence mechanism against infections because pathogens struggle to survive in warmer areas.

Drinking plenty of water and taking paracetamol can help to fight a fever. But taking a cold bath or shower can have the opposite effect.

'Lockdown has been a challenge - Harvey hasn't been able to go out freely. And so going out is a military precision operation.' 

'Harvey was upset to leave Princess on her birthday, returning home last night to lots of hugs and cuddles. 

'Harvey will be making a full recovery. There's never a dull moment in the Pricey household.' 

His initial health scare was the second to affect the family in recent weeks, after NHS medic Emily Andre revealed she tested positive for coronavirus antibodies in her weekly column for OK! magazine. 

Due to Harvey's complex needs, he lives in residential care, but has been home with Katie during lockdown amid the coronavirus crisis.   

Doting parent: The media personality is mother to Harvey, Junior, 15, Princess, 13, Jett, six, and Bunny, five

The former I'm A Celebrity star made the heartbreaking decision to send to a facility last year.

Harvey was born with septo-optic dysplasia, a condition that means the development of his optic nerve was unpredictable.

Katie also later discovered he is on the autistic spectrum, gains weight easily because he suffers from Prader–Willi syndrome, and finds mobility difficult. 

The media personality has Harvey from a relationship with his estranged father Dwight Yorke, 48, Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with singer Peter Andre, 47, and Jett, six, and Bunny, five, with ex-stripper Kieran Hayler, 33.

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